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Qapi Brick Palace

The Topkapi Palace is considered one of the most beautiful landmarks of Istanbul. It was built around four main squares and many small buildings. UNESCO described it as the best example of palaces groups in the Ottoman period. The palace is located in the Seraglio Point area overlooking the Golden Horn And the Sea of ​​Marmara, as the palace was a main residence for the sultans of the Ottoman Empire for about 400 years of their total rule, which lasted for 624 years, and hosted many international celebrations, and is characterized by its delicate architecture, ceramics, manuscript collections, and some Islamic holy relics.

Sultan Ahmed mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or what is known as the Blue Mosque, is considered one of the best historical tourist attractions in Istanbul. The mosque was built between the years 1609-1616 AD by Sultan Ahmed I in order to confirm the influence of the Ottoman Empire, and the mosque is distinguished by its organized, multi-layered domes, and its six minarets It adorns the city skyline and its outer courtyard, which is the largest of the mosques of the Ottoman Empire.

Aya Sofia

The Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the best tourist places in Istanbul, and was built by the Romen Emperor Constantine from 325-330, during the restoration of the Byzantine city as his capital, and the Hagia Sophia was built as a Christian church, and the current building dates back to the sixth century when the cathedral was rebuilt By the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, the church was converted into a mosque after the Ottomans took control of the city in 1453 AD, and in 1935 AD the Hagia Sophia by the new Turkish Republic became a museum.

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul. This colorful and vibrant bazaar is located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul. The bazaar started as a small store built in 1461 AD by order of Mehmed the Conqueror, then expanded and developed to cover a large area, and the corridors were roofed between warehouses and shops. Nearby, the taverns, tourists can walk around the narrow lanes and watch the craftsmen work, and wander the main roads.

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