The pleasure of shopping brings more life and color to tourism in Turkey through the many markets that adorn its streets to reflect the taste of the people of this country and the culture and modernity that Turkey seeks to constantly update.

In the heart of the charming city of Istanbul, specifically in the Lalali area of ​​Istanbul, you will find many temptations that will lure you towards it, but visiting the local and popular Istanbul markets is one of the most enjoyable activities, as sellers compete since early morning to display their goods and promote them in a fun enthusiastic atmosphere.

The best hotels for Lalali Istanbul

The Lalali region is known for the vitality that spreads throughout its history, from its historical landmarks and its attractive tourist places to its modern markets and local markets.

Lalali Market in Istanbul

Lalali Market in Istanbul

In the famous Lalalı district in the old part of Istanbul, Lalalı Istanbul Market overlooks one of the wholesale markets in Istanbul, carrying everything that one might wish to buy. It is not surprising that the Lalali market in Istanbul is very popular and unmatched by the locals and tourists alike, as it provides high quality products at the cheapest prices.

You will find yourself surrounded by lots of Istanbul clothing stores and markets along the street.

times of work

Istanbul Lalali Market operates daily from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening except Sunday.

Lalali Market in Istanbul

As for the most important shopping places near Lalali Istanbul market, they are:

Historia Mall Istanbul

Historia Mall Istanbul is located in the Fatih area and 1.3 km away from Lalali Market, about 6 minutes. Most of the mall floors have been dedicated to men’s and women’s fashion with a variety of famous European, American and Turkish brands such as Bershka, Zara, Mango, Elle, Nine West and Levis .. Read more

Lalali Market in Istanbul

Beyazit Istanbul Market

One of the popular Istanbul markets, which is close to the Lalali Istanbul market, which is a market dedicated to selling and designing the finest and finest quality materials, clothing and textiles, and some other commodities at wholesale prices, which is always a crowded market for shoppers .. Read more

Beyazit Istanbul market, close to Lalali market in Istanbul

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