Langkawi Island in Malaysia

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Langkawi Island

One of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia, located in the northwestern part facing Thailand, and enjoys a wonderful obedience that makes it a destination for many visitors, as it is a quiet island with many forests, mountains and lands, and this diversity in the terrain made it an important tourist area especially for those looking for comfort and tranquility. This island belongs to the state of Kedah and is among the 99 islands belonging to this state in addition to the islands that appear when the tide drops in the Andaman Sea. The population of the island is approximately 45 thousand people, and it was called Langkawi until its name was changed to Langkawi in 2008, and it is one of the regions Which enjoy customs exemption.


Tourism is not limited to visitors from outside Malaysia, but it is also an important place for domestic tourism as well, and it is characterized by the presence of many ways that are related to each other to reach the visitor to any place on the island with ease, it is close to the city of Kuah and this island is considered its capital.
The visitor can enjoy a number of places on the island of Langkawi, including :.

The most important tourist places

There are many tourist places on the island and the most important of them are:

  • Waterfalls in several locations.
  • Visit the nearby islands by boat, as there are a number of uninhabited islands around Langkawi.
  • Crocodile gardenWhere there are many crocodiles of various shapes.
  • The bridge to the “cable car” antenna: It takes visitors to the island’s second highest mountain peak, Mt. Chenchang.
  • Eagle Square: It contains a statue of a giant eagle, spreading its wings, in preparation for flight. The statue is 12 meters high.
  • Mangrove forestsVisitors can take boat trips to move between these forests, as well as see the caves there.
  • The seven wellsIt contains a source of fresh water and these wells are located in an area full of forests.
  • Legenda ParkIt is close to Eagle Square and is a park with a number of beautiful historical monuments.
  • Bayar Island: It is one of the islands frequented by adventure lovers, where one can take courses in scuba diving.
  • Earring IslandThis island has a number of hot springs, which make it a therapeutic destination for visitors.
  • Bardana GalleryIt is a museum that contains many pieces made of silver, copper and leather, and also contains a large number of gifts and prizes given to the former President and wife of Malaysia.
  • The Village of Malaysian Books: It is the first of its kind at the level of Southeast Asian countries, and has a good number of books.
  • As the island of Langkawi is exempt from customs, visitors love to buy gifts and shop in it, and there are many shopping centers in its capital, Kuah.


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