Eftling Amusement Park
And it is one of the most wonderful parks there, where it contains a large set of games suitable for children and adults, as it is very suitable for families ’exit, the garden is equipped with a large number of restaurants and cafes, and the most beautiful water shows are established, and it has a car park and the park It is characterized by good prices, as well as special prices for people with special needs, and it has many live shows and natural places.

Attractiepark Toverland Park
It is a large center for games where the park includes a large number of different types of games, which are suitable for adults and children as well as a number of water games, and it has a number of swimming pools, and the park has a center for shooting archery for children, and the park has been evaluated at the top The evaluations have even been said by some to be a place beyond imagination. The park has a place for children from the age of 3 to 12 years, and it has a number of cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious international cuisine.

Madurodam Park
The place is one of the coolest and most beautiful parks in the Netherlands, and the place is distinguished by its distinctive and wonderful plants, as it has places dedicated to young children, this is in addition to a place dedicated to dogs, in addition to that the place is equipped with a number of figures for many statues and buildings, many people have spoken About the beauty of the place, this is in addition to the fact that the park is held by many actors constantly, which makes it a distinct tourist attraction, as it has many restaurants and cafes, this is in addition to many gift shops that can buy gifts and souvenirs.

Beekse Bergen Safari Park
It is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, and it is open all days of the week from ten in the morning until five in the evening, and the garden is considered for open places in the Netherlands, and it can be entered by foot, boat or car, as the park has places designated for animals Predatory, and these places are subject to the best types of guarding, the garden is a first-class natural environment, it is a clear example of wildlife in all its forms where the visitor can interact directly with the animals and enjoy watching them.

Duinrell Amusement Park
And it is one of the best amusement parks in the Netherlands, the place is equipped with all the means that provide fun for adults and children, with interest in a wonderful environment equipped with the most beautiful plants and crops, this is in addition to the fact that the park holds a large number of activities, which is an area to attract tourism as it is in it A large number of water games.

Billybird Park Hemelrijk
And this park is open all days of the week, from 10 am to 6 pm, the garden is suitable for all family members and it has many water games, as well as it overlooks the sea and this provides the visitor with enjoying the picturesque nature, the garden has a number of restaurants that offer Delicious meals.

Het Land Ven Jan Klaassen Park
The park is open all days of the week from 10 am to 5 pm, the garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the Netherlands and one of the most beautiful features is that it is very suitable for families as it has places designated for children and these places are divided according to the ages of children as well as it has a large number Of the distinctive restaurants and cafes that offer delicious Dutch meals

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