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Lake Lido

Lake Lido in Indonesia is strategically located in the middle of the natural green mountains and its proximity to Bogor, in addition to being located on the road leading to Sukabumi, and needs time between fifty minutes to an hour and a quarter to reach it from Puncak.

Lido label

Lake Lido is one of the lakes that inspire love and romance, and it is like that of the Lido island in Italy, which is characterized by its wonderful and romantic atmosphere, and we conclude from that that the name of this lake was taken from this island, because they share the atmosphere and the picturesque nature, and it is advised to visit this lake On all days of the week except Saturday and Sunday.

Lido Features

Lake Lido is distinguished by its many boats made of bamboo, in addition to the visitor’s feeling of pleasure and romance when going on a tour in the middle of the lake with these boats, and eating a luxurious lunch when he made his distinguished tour of this lake, but the prices of these boats are very high.

General Lido facilities

There are many facilities that are found in Lake Lido:

  • It is characterized by the presence of many restaurants specialized in providing fine meals of various fish.
  • It contains three places to dock on this lake.
  • This lake contains a high plateau, in addition to a special game to take off on this plateau.
  • There are many street vendors around this lake, who sell premium products to tourists coming to this lake, such as tropical fruits and coconuts, as well as tainted corn.
  • It is characterized by the presence of many ponds and farms specialized in raising different types of fish.
  • The lake is surrounded by many residential compounds.
  • Contains a large theater, dedicated to holding parties and events.
  • This lake includes a coffee shop and coffee shop for visitors.
  • Beside this lake there is a airport of small size, dedicated to the process of taking off gliders, through which the tourists can take a distinguished trip in this lake, in addition to the possibility to ride parachute through the high plateau for gliding, and such trips are supervised from Specialists have accepted this, in order to ensure the safety of the visitor and to avoid any risk to his life.
  • This lake includes many hotels that provide distinguished services, as many tourists decide to stay in this lake due to the time it takes to reach it, especially for visitors coming from the capital, all these things have made this lake a distinctive tourist place, in addition to that it serves as a wonderful natural outlet For visitors, seeing the water out of the green forest and other beautiful views of this lake.

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