Boutique hotels have started to impose themselves during the past years and they offer an experience that intersects and differs with the experiences that you get in other hotels.

What distinguishes boutique hotels from others is that they are in buildings that are not originally designed to be hotels, and the building may be an old palace or even a residential building or in any other place not intended to be one of the places that provide hotel services. It is also often in the middle of residential areas that the busy streets are experiencing active traffic in order to provide a different experience for the customer.
Its interior design also differs from other hotels, as it is simple, intimate, and far from the exaggerated extravagance, that the aim behind it is feelings of intimacy, as if the person in his home.
Safeway Boutique Hotel – Muscat, Oman

One of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Muscat, it is characterized by a picturesque setting, whether in terms of beautiful nature or breathtaking architecture. But this is not only what makes it a wonderful and distinguished hotel, but the fact that the hospitality is excellent and the warmth and Omani generosity can be clearly seen. It is located in the resort town of Jabal Al Sifah and offers large outdoor spaces that include large terraces that provide beautiful views of the Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea. The design combines European and Omani styles and offers a lot of beautiful scenery, comfort, wonderful hospitality, and Omani experience on its origins.

Manzil Hotel Downtown Dubai – Dubai, UAE

This boutique hotel is located in the center of Dubai, designed in the Arab style, and this is clearly demonstrated through interior design and through artwork and Arabic letters that are attractive and beautifully painted above the family. Arabic letters can be found hanging on the walls of each room and suite. In the center of the hotel you can enjoy the Courtyard Restaurant, which serves dishes from Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine, and what distinguishes this beautiful restaurant is the fact that its walls are sandstone.

Kempinski Nile Hotel – Cairo, Egypt

Kempinski Nile Hotel offers a five-star experience to its guests on the banks of the Nile. It is located in the heart of Cairo Garden City and is close to the pyramids of Giza and the shopping areas, making it an ideal place for tourists.
There are special offers permanently, whether the romantic package that goes to any couple would like to regain the spark of love or offers on specific seasons. There is the possibility to book deluxe rooms with city view, which are luxurious both in terms of furnishings and interior design. It is also possible to reserve suites that look different but do not differ from each other in terms of luxury.
The Eclipse Boutique Suites – Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Eclipse Boutique Suites is located in the center of Abu Dhabi, where Liwa Street and Khalifa Street meet. The place is luxurious and modern, offering guests a treat after the pampering.
It features only suites and functionally designed guest units with beautiful, soft beds and large windows. Each suite offers a separate living room and there is also a spa that offers pampering sessions in addition to fitness centers.
Riad Ariha boutique hotel – Marrakech, Morocco

It may not provide the same luxury that other boutique hotels offer on our list, but it certainly does provide a pure Moroccan experience. It features a swimming pool and steam room, as well as a spa. It is distinguished by its authentic Moroccan design in addition to a stylish modern touch that makes it a distinctive boutique hotel, as it ultimately combines the principle of Moroccan Riyadh and boutique hotels, and the result is definitely an amazing experience.
Alf Boutique Hotel – Jbeil, Lebanon

The city of Jbeil is one of the oldest cities in the world, and therefore, just visiting it is a unique experience in itself. The location of this boutique hotel is ideal, as it overlooks the oldest ancient castles in the city and behind it overlooks the sea. The rooms and their design are inspired by artistic history and legends. Of course, there is a lot of luxury in a modern atmosphere spread over 3 floors.

Riad Kniza – Morocco

We return to Morocco again with Riad Kniza, which provides not only Moroccan beauty and experience, but acceptable prices. In fact, Riad Kniza has very positive reviews on various booking sites and hotel websites. Residence in the antique houses always has its own flavor, especially as it brings the visitor back to the era of the pashas, ​​kings and sultans who established this house to be the place of their residence to later transform into tourist attractions and places for visitors and tourists.
Riad Kniza is perhaps one of the most beautiful in Riyadh in Morocco, it has preserved the traditional character and beauty of its architecture and provided the visitor with a truly unforgettable experience.

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