Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and the seat of Green County. According to the 2010 census data, the population was 159,498, an increase of 5.2% since the 2000 census. Springfield is one of two major cities in the metropolitan area Springfield Branson, which has a population of 537,631 and includes an area: Dallas, Greene, Polk, Webster, Stone and Tani. The meaning of the name Springfield is “Queen of the City of Ozarks” and it is famously known as “the cradle of Route 66”. It is also home to several universities including Missouri State University, Drury University, and Bible University.

Springfield is located at 37 ° 11’42 “N 93 ° 17’10” W (37.195098, -93.286213), on the Ozarks Plateau Springfield. According to the United States Census Bureau, the total city area is approximately 73.8 square miles (191 square kilometers), of which 73.2 square miles (190 square kilometers) of land, in addition to 0.6 square miles (1.6 square kilometers) (0.87%) of water . Springfield is flat consisting of hills and cliffs surrounding to the south and east and parts of the city on the north side. Springfield is located on the Springfield Plateau, which connects from northwest Arkansas to central Missouri. Most of the plateau is characterized by forests, rangelands and habitats. There are many streams and tributaries such as the James River, Galloway Dubai Creek and Jordan near the city. Nearby lakes of Table Rock include Lake Stockton Lake, McDaniel Lake, Lake Fellows, and Boom de Terre Lake. Springfield is located near the U.S. population center, about 80 miles (130 km) to the east.

the climate
Springfield’s climate is divided into four distinct seasons, with an average surface wind speed comparable to Chicago, Illinois, according to information gathered at the National Climate Data Center at NOAA. [14] Springfield is placed within a “Grade 3 in Strength” in the Wind Energy Atlas which is published by the United States Branch and the Department of Energy. With an average wind speed range of 6.4-7.0 mph.
Springfield is located in the northern limits of the humid subtropical climate (CFA), as defined by the Köppen climate classification system. The average monthly daily temperature ranges from 32.6 ° F (0.3 ° C) in January to 78.2 ° F and (25.7 ° C) in July. The average annual rainfall is 45.6 inches (1160 mm), with an average of 17.0 inches (43 cm) of snowfall. Extremes in temperatures from -29 ° F (-34 ° C) on February 12, 1899 reach 113 ° F (45 ° C) on July 14, 1954.

Springfield’s economy relies on health care, manufacturing, retail, education, and tourism, reaching approximately $ 13.66 billion in 2004. The Springfield economy accounts for about 6.7% of the state’s gross domestic product.
Total retail sales exceed $ 41 billion annually in Springfield and $ 58 billion in Springfield MSA. The largest mall is the mall. The city has more than 60 housing facilities and 6000 hotel rooms. There is a conference desk and to spend over $ 1,000,000 annually in marketing the city as a travel destination.
Springfield is like many cities across the country, as Springfield has seen renewal in the downtown area. There are many old buildings, as well as renovations of multi-purpose buildings such as lofts, offices, restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques, and music halls. Springfield is located in the city center of Springfield CID (Community Improvement District) and there are historical theaters that have been restored to their original condition, including the Gillioz Theater and the Landers Theater.
Springfield has seen an increase in the local and organic food movement and is home to five farmers markets and a community park, in addition to several natural food stores, a fair trade chocolate factory, winery, and three craft breweries.

Museums and other tourist attractions
Ozarks Museum
American Civil War Library in Wilson National Square
The commercial street of the historical district
Creamery Art Center
Dickerson Zoo
History Museum of the Ozarks by Dr. Michael Clark
History Museum in the square
Missouri Institute of Natural Sciences – Riverbluff Cave
Springfield Art Museum
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Wonders Museum of Wildlife and Aquarium – Closed for construction
Abu al-Mazar bin Adham Mosque
The Episcopal Church of Christ
Gillioz Theater
Jefferson Pedestrian Bridge Street
Landers Theater
Al-Bithiya Castle
The stone chapel
Springfield has a regional medical center with six hospitals and over 2,200 beds. Springfield provides the city’s healthcare system with all the majors listed by the American Medical Association. There are two of the top 100 hospitals in the United States in Springfield, both of which are in the midst of expansion projects.
Famous tourist places
Springfield has attractive attractions, including:
St Louis Gateway Arch
Sagittarius Gate is the iconic structure of St. Louis, and also is the symbol “Gate to the West”. Visitors can take an elevator up to the 625-foot podium on the scenic view of the city.
Official site:
Branson is located in the southwest of Missouri. Millions of tourists are accepted to Branson every year, because of their nesting country music. There are music halls that host some of the country’s greatest musicians.
Official site:
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
The Nelson Atkins Art Museum is one of the most important cultural attractions in Kansas City. The museum displays many comprehensive pieces from all over the world, while special focus is placed on art in East Asia.
Address: 4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111-1873, USA
Official site:
Silver Dollar City
The Silver Dollar City in Branson is the area marked by its culture, where you can see craftsmen in the garden with their various activities in weaving, blacksmithing, pottery, candy making, and candle making. The park also has games, recreational facilities, shops, restaurants and live shows. The city progressed to the Cave Miracle as part of the Silver Dollar City.
Address: $ 399, Silver Parkway, Branson
Official site:
Forest Park
Built in 1904, Forest Park is a magnificent city park with some original buildings. There are ponds, gardens and various tourist places, which include the St. Louis Zoo and St. Louis Museum of Art, and can be found throughout the gardens. It is a good place to go for a picnic or a full day.
Harry S Truman National Historic Site
Harry Truman’s National Historic Site is the Victorian home that the Truman family lived in 1919 until his death in 1972. The house contains original equipment and other property of the Truman family.
Address: 223 North of Main Street and Istiklal Street.
Official site:
Jefferson City
Jefferson City is one of the areas marked by museums and galleries and is home to some of the finest collections in the state and historic government buildings that give the city a wonderful feeling of greatness. There are some sights to see such as the Capitol Building, Governor’s Palace, Missouri State Prisons, and the Missouri State Museum.

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