The main station was built by a group of the most famous and best-known architects of different Soviet countries.
The structure, which embodies a radiant and radiant receiver with its collection of underground palaces and museum-like galleries, is designed in a way that inspires and heals visitors.

Each station features a special story with a touch bearing the signature of a famous artist and architect, and the transportation network has been able to combine practical use with fine decoration.
The subway became a symbol of victory after the Second World War and ceremonies were held at its stations. It is known that work on the metro did not stop during that war, so that some of its stations were used as shelters during that period.

The decor includes sculptures, engravings, monumental steel columns, marble, bronze statues, and mosaic paintings.
In addition, the windows are decorated with stained glass, and the floors and walls are covered in the most exquisite Byzantine-style marble and granite.
Pictures of prominent Russian historical figures can be seen, and paintings embodying the battles of victory in war consist of groups of soldiers and warriors on the battlefield.

Visitors to the metro can also see pictures of ordinary people such as workers, peasants, and students, as well as pictures on the fields of sports, industry and agriculture.

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