Panama City is centered in the heart of Central America to take its place in the world as an important economic center, and the vibrant city is distinguished by its ancient history, diverse culture and contemporary modernity, it is the gateway to tropical beauty that mediates east and west on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific, which enters the city through the famous Panama Canal, and lies The spirit and warmth of Panama is in the old city full of traditional restaurants and upscale hotels.
The city has many interesting landmarks topped by the Panama Canal, which contains the original Miraflores locks dating back to 1914. The Canal Museum also offers distinct audio and visual presentations explaining how to build the canal and the international treaties it witnessed, as it is a natural habitat for many beautiful animals and plants.

The colonial Casco Viejo Peninsula has become an upscale neighborhood with studded stones connecting boutique hotels and lots of pirate traditions, and the glass skyscrapers glitter in the heart of the city, where business and cultural sights are centered. The neighborhood’s construction dates back more than 300 years to replace the original city that was destroyed. A small peninsula possesses the charm of the ancient Spanish world and is filled with historical buildings such as the National Theater, the Presidential Palace and the Golden Altar Church, as well as museums, hotels and high-end restaurants.
Between the city center of Panama and Tocumen is the city of Panama Viejo, which is listed on the UNESCO Heritage List, which is the ruins of the site of the ancient city of Panama, which was founded in 1519, and which is considered the first European settlement on the Pacific Ocean. Its effects are still found on all streets of the city.

The Amador Bridge connects four picturesque islands and provides a glimpse into Panama’s natural history. It is also possible to rent rafting boards, ride bikes and do many fun activities near it. The bridge connects Taboga Island, a few miles from the capital, and is famous for its beautiful beaches and green mountains, and also bears the name of the island of flowers due to the spread of various types of them all over the island.
The opportunity to shop at the artisan market in Balboa near the intersection of “Avenida Arnulfo Arias Madrid” and “Amador Causeway” streets, where many wonderful local artifacts and fine and beautiful textiles exist, cannot be missed. The Metropolitan Park is part of the water reserve in the Canal District, and provides various paths for walking between green trees and calm, calm lakes.

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