Qatar Airways: a detailed report on Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways (QR) has been the official national carrier of the State of Qatar since 1997 and one of the leading and fastest growing airlines around the world.

In spite of the modernity of its era, Qatar Airways succeeded in a few years in obtaining a number of international awards and joining the One World Alliance (One World), while winning the title of the best 5-star service airlines in the world according to the Skytrax rating over several successive years.

Qatar Airways has a huge and sophisticated fleet of aircraft that reaches 200 aircraft that depart from Hamad International Airport in Doha as a major center for its operations, and the company’s administrative headquarters are located in the center of the Qatari capital, Doha.

To learn about the benefits and services provided by Qatar Airways and the most important common questions about its dealings with its customers, you can follow the article.

Qatar Airways a detailed report on Qatar Airways - Qatar Airways: a detailed report on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways features

Qatar Airways has a set of features that provide its passengers with comfort, enjoyment and privacy and make them their first choice when thinking about traveling, such as:

• A state-of-the-art modern fleet of aircraft undergoing regular maintenance and operated by highly trained flight and hospitality staff, with multiple international awards.

Spacious cabins and ergonomic seats are ideal for sleeping and relaxing, with convenient amenities and tools.

Local and international dishes, delicious and varied from snacks to sweets, warm and cold drinks.

Special care for young children, families and sick and disabled travelers.

• Various entertainment contents suitable for adults and children, with modern audio and video equipment to follow, and international and wireless communications at the highest level of quality, privacy and comfort.

• A loyalty program for permanent travelers (Privilege Club) that enables its members to exchange travel miles for free trips and distances, after-flight services, class upgrade, registration priority, boarding and access to the airport’s executive lounges.

Onboard services

Qatar Airways offers a range of distinguished services on its domestic and international flights to various destinations and classes of travel in pursuit of the comfort of its customers and gain their confidence and satisfaction, and the most prominent air services provided by the company:

the food

Qatar Airways provides its passengers with a variety of snacks with main dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients added to delicious Arab and Western flavors, in addition to a group of refreshing drinks before, during and after the trip such as fresh or sparkling fruit juices, cocktails and soft drinks, with tea and coffee with Arabic flavor Authentic after each meal, and you can also sweeten by choosing between dozens of delicious eastern and western sweets.

Qatar Airways also provides diet menus on demand for dieters on the reporting requirement a day or two before the flight takes off.


Qatar Airways offers travelers on its flights the ORYX ONE PLAY application, which is preloaded via smart phone stores to enjoy about 4 thousand diverse entertainment content suitable for different tastes and ages from international cinematographic films, animation films, video games, TV programs , Music and Lyric on Personal Phone.


Qatar Airways provides passengers on its flights with a range of facilities that provide them with the comfort and enjoyment required during the flight, such as: comfortable full individual seats and convertible into a bed with adjustable headrest and sleeping facilities, free wireless internet services with Onair service for managing text messages and phone calls International, personal screens and headphones with special controller.

the shopping

Qatar Airways provides its travelers from Hamad International Airport in Doha, the experience of shopping through its free markets that span an area of ​​40 thousand square meters and includes a distinguished collection of thousands of products exempted from customs from the finest international brands such as watches, cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

You can also through Qatar Airways reservation and purchase tickets through the official website on the Internet to participate in the withdrawal and win prizes material or in-kind valuable.

Class of travel on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways provides 3 classes for traveling on its flights that differ among themselves in terms of the level of services and benefits provided to the passenger, namely:

Business Class / First Class

This class provides its passengers:

أنيقة An elegant and spacious cabin with fewer seats and more spacious spacers, providing greater comfort, privacy and ease of movement.

خاصة Private cabins with fully ergonomic, fully adjustable ergonomic seats for sleeping and relaxing, with work space and personal storage, dining tables and reading light, plus power supply and USB connection.

✓ Comfortable and plush sleeping facilities such as mattress, pillow, blanket and special jacket, with a range of pampering and skin care products from the best international brands such as moisturizing creams, moisturizers for lips, anti-aging creams and moisturizing face spray.

✓ Delicious meals from various local, Arab and international kitchens prepared and served by professional chefs with sophisticated displays and elegant cutlery, with a selection of sweets and drinks and special menus on request.

ترفيه An entertainment network that provides thousands of varied content suitable for different family members that can be followed up using the latest high-quality audio and presentation devices.

لاسلكي Wireless internet to do business and browse social networks, with roaming services to communicate with others via SMS and phone calls around the world.

✓ Priority check-in and boarding, and enjoy the ideal service and entertainment facilities for individuals and families provided by Al Murjan Hall at Hamad International Airport in Doha or Heathrow London.

economy class

This class provides its passengers:

✓ Comfortable, spacious seats with USB connection, power socket, adjustable headrest and back for lying in comfort and privacy, with a private space to keep some personal care supplies on long trips such as moisturizers, toothpaste, toothbrush, eye mask, ear plugs and flying socks.

خاصة Special meals for kids on request, dolls and stationery games with a private TV network to entertain their free time during the trip.

السياحية The economy class also provides opportunities for entertainment and communication with others via the Internet or international telephone services, with fresh and varied mouth-watering meals.

Qatar Airways flight destinations

Qatar Airways provides flights to more than 160 domestic and international destinations around the world, with its six inhabited continents, the most important of which are:

Qatar Airways flights to / from Doha

Qatar Airways flights to / from Marrakech

Qatar Airways flights to / from Beirut

Qatar Airways flights to / from London

Qatar Airways flights to / from Montreal

Qatar Airways flights to / from New York

Qatar Airways flights to / from Sao Paulo

Qatar Airways flights to / from Cape Town

Qatar Airways reservation from / to Delhi

Qatar Airways flights to / from Bangkok

Qatar Airways Reservation Policy

Qatar Airways offers tickets on its domestic and international flights for destinations and for different classes of travel through its official website.

The site also provides the ability to control the reservation process and its departments by adjusting their details, determining the appropriate seat, requesting a meal or special assistance, tracking the progress of the trip, managing transit trips and a personal or family account for the frequent travelers loyalty program, purchasing extra weight for luggage, after-trip services such as hotel reservation and car rental .

As for the payment of the value of the ticket, it can be done via the website with a local or international credit card or through one of the local company offices in the country of departure. Qatar Airways determines the price of tickets according to degree and destination country and you can follow them and follow up on the best offers through the official website or by subscribing to the menu service Postal.

Baggage policy on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’s baggage policy varies depending on the class and destination of travel as follows:

Flights to / from Brazil, between Brazil and Argentina, from / to Argentina, Canada or the United States

Qatar Airways airlines allow passengers to / from these destinations on the first and business class to carry two pieces of free checked baggage registered with a weight of 32 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm, while travelers carry economy class two pieces with a weight of 23 kg and the same dimensions.

Excursions between Doha, Casablanca and Marrakech

Qatar Airways allows passengers to / from these destinations on the first and business class to carry whatever they want of the registered free luggage with a maximum weight of no more than 60 kg and a total dimensions of 300 cm, while passengers carry a Economy Class of 45 kg in the same dimensions.

Africa Tours

Qatar Airways allows travelers from Africa to any other destination in the first class and businessmen to carry whatever they want of the registered free baggage, with a weight not exceeding 65 kg and a total dimensions of 300 cm, while passengers carry a Economy Class of 45 kg in the same dimensions.

Flights to / from other destinations

First class passengers are allowed to carry free luggage with a total weight of 50 kg and a total dimension of 300 cm, while business class travelers carry luggage with a total weight of 40 kg and travelers in economy class have luggage of 30 kg and the same dimensions.

The business class and first class passengers are also allowed to carry two handbags on the plane cabin with a total weight of 15 kg and one hand bag for passengers in the tourist class with a weight of 7 kg, with the exception of passengers from / to Brazil on all levels where they are allowed one hand bag with a weight of 10 kg.

In the event that weights or the number of pieces of luggage exceed the permissible limits, a fine fee will be imposed according to the type of overtaking and the country of departure / destination, taking into account the difference in the luggage policy followed by Qatar Airways and other airlines in transit flights.

Noting that the mentioned weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

Finalizing travel procedures on Qatar Airways

You can simply start finishing your Qatar Airways flights for all destinations except for Sarajevo 48 hours before and 90 minutes before the flight through the official website or smartphone application.

Flights between Doha and the United States are also an exception, as online travel procedures must be completed 24 hours before the flight.

As for the Qatar Airways check-in desks at the departure airport, it is preferable to be present at least 3 hours before and even one hour before the flight, as the offices close and do not receive new passengers as of this time.

Summary of customer reviews

Qatar Airways obtained 4/5 on Tripadvisor to rate and book flights, during the reviews of 24516 people who had previously traveled on their flights.

Qatar Airways also received the Traveler’s Choice Award, which is organized by the site for 3 consecutive seasons.

common questions

This section addresses the answer to all questions that may be on your mind about Qatar Airways, which were not answered during the article, such as:

How can I cancel or amend my reservation for Qatar Airways flights?

You can cancel or amend your reservation through the company’s website or its nearest local office in the event that your travel card allows it and pay the necessary fees, with the exception of flights to / from the United States, where free cancellation of the trip can be made within 24 hours of booking it.

What documents are required when making a reservation confirmation or online check-in?

You will need the passport data for which the reservation was made, along with the ticket number or booking reference number.

In the event that a wheelchair is requested in advance, reservation and check-in at the airport must be confirmed only without the website.

How can I report late baggage and lost or damaged baggage during Qatar Airways flights?

You can report in writing your luggage at the company’s luggage services office at the arrival airport or on the website within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of the trip, along with a copy of the passport and travel ticket and the receipt of the luggage identification and confirmation of reservation and obtain a reference number to track the progress of their search.

Mostly late baggage within 24 hours arrives at your residence or business in the destination country, with compensation for damage to the baggage or what was spent during the search trip provided that it is kept in containers strong enough

How to take care of children during the flights of Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways provides special care for children and infants through:

Fast completion of travel procedures and air facilities for unaccompanied children and special prices for infants and children up to 11 years, baby food and diapers and special healthy and delicious meals for children, the ability to reserve an additional seat to place the cradle of the child, provide a cradle for infants up to the age of two years, soft toys for infants and cartoon programs and films for older children Toothbrushes with a private entertainment network, entertainment services and facilities at Al Marjan Hall at Hamad Doha Airport and London Heathrow International.


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