Luxor has a magical atmosphere, especially in the winter, and the views of its hearts are affected by the effects that fill it, and the Nile that runs inside it. It also has a long history, which illustrates the history of ancient Egypt. Its entertainment places vary between green areas, enjoying the waters of the Nile, and also wandering among the ruins of ancient Egypt. Time passes quickly in this wonderful place, making you feel comfortable and relaxed, away from the pressures of life.

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Recreational places in Luxor.. enjoy calm, and comfort among the most ancient civilizations of the world

Banana Island

One of the most beautiful entertainment places in Luxor, where you can relax, and enjoy a felucca across the island. It is five kilometers from Luxor, and is located above the river. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, Banana Island is the perfect place, adorned with tall palm trees and the banks of the Nile. Enjoy Felucca across the Nile at noon, to feel at ease as if you are in another world that you do not want to leave. And don’t miss the magical view of the sunset when you return, so be sure to take your own camera.

Banana IslandBanana Island

The city of Habbo Medinet Habu

Luxor’s most distinguished and beautiful temples overlook the West Bank of the Nile River, where it has a breathtaking view affecting its view. It contains a small temple dating back to the eighteenth dynasty, next to the Ramses II Temple, which is linked to a royal palace.

The city of Habbo Medinet Habu
The city of Habbo Medinet Habu

Habiba Gallery Gallery

Entertainment is always associated with shopping where; one is thrilled when buying beautiful things that is what the Habib Gallery is about. He enjoys products, souvenirs in the Pharaonic style and always provides special offers at cheap prices in return for the amazing quality of his products.Habiba Gallery GalleryHabiba Gallery Gallery

Habiba Hand Weaving

One of the jewels of entertainment places in Luxor which are not known to many tourists. It is a textile store, which you may not find anywhere in the world. The products vary between scarves, and furnishings that are beautiful and accurate at work. The prices of these products are very low compared to their quality and distinctiveness. You can watch women while you work, when you go in the morning to see how these rare artifacts work.Habiba Hand Weaving Habiba Hand Weaving

Libreria Aboudi Bookstore

There aren’t many offices in Luxor, but the Liberia Abboudi library is the best, and the most beautiful, of which it has a magical view of the Nile. It contains a large number of books in Arabic, and English on Egyptian history, most of them in English. It also includes a number of souvenirs that you can accompany when you go. You can also enjoy a snack, with this charming view.Libreria Aboudi BookstoreLibreria Aboudi Bookstore


You will be surprised at the quietness of Luxor market compared to other tourist markets in Egypt, so it is a great place to wander around and stroll in the unique atmosphere of Luxor. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs. It contains a wide variety of products, all at a discount. They range from ceramic works to traditional clothing.MarketMarket

Boat Tour

The Nile is the most entertaining place in Luxor that you can enjoy as the beauty of Luxor stands out, so you cannot leave the place without enjoying this place. The cruise can last for a few days, and all trips are characterized by a wonderful program; combining enjoyment of the atmosphere, delicious food, and distinctive music with a friendly staff who ensure your comfort.Boat TourBoat Tour

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