Ascott Kuala Lumpur is a great option in the list of the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur for grooms, as it is one of the best 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, where it is characterized by the presence of a large number of facilities and services, both inside and outside the rooms, in addition to activities appropriate to the honeymoon.

The following report will contain a detailed explanation of everything related to the Ascot Hotel Kuala Lumpur in terms of the most important features and facilities, available rooms, dining options and more, and the reasons that made the hotel one of the most important hotels in Kuala Lumpur overlooking the two towers

The most important features offered by a hotel Ascott Kuala Lumpur

Ascott Kuala Lumpur offers very good sized rooms with leisure activities such as happy hours hours and a games room.

Health care facilities include a fitness center, spa and wellness center and spa room. There is also a children’s pool and another for adults.

Ascott Kuala Lumpur Apartments offer beauty, skin and hair care, skin cleaning and makeup services.

Other services at the hotel include a transfer service to and from the airport, a free shuttle service and a car park for which additional fees may apply, all of the above makes the hotel one of the best hotel apartments in Kuala Lumpur

Dining options

Ascot Kuala Lumpur has a vending machine for snacks and drinks, packed lunches, and a café serving good coffee.

Available rooms

Premier studio can accommodate 2 adults.

One bedroom executive can accommodate 2 adults.

One bedroom Premier can accommodate 2 adults.

Two-bedroom Premier accommodation for up to four adults.

Hotel rates

The average price for standard rooms in Ascott Kuala Lumpur ranges between 100 to 184 USD, as prices vary according to the tourist season and other times of the year.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel rated it great for cleanliness, comfort, staff, location and value for money.

Hotel reservation
Ascott Kuala Lumpur offers spacious rooms
Ascott Hotel Kuala Lumpur offers various activities and facilities
Ascot Kuala Lumpur Apartments offer good dining options and a varied breakfast
The location of the Ascot Hotel Kuala Lumpur is close to popular attractions in the city

Ascot Kuala Lumpur Hotel website

Ascot Hotel is located in Kuala Lumpur, 4.7 km from National Museum, Museum and Archeology Section and 2.9 km from Berjaya Times Square. Kuala Lumpur National Planetarium is 3.7 km.

For more information and price details for Ascot Kuala Lumpur Hotel and Apartments, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Ascott Kuala Lumpur Hotel website

Ambiana Kuala, Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur

What are the advantages that make a hotel Ascott Kuala Lumpur the best choice?

The most important feature of Ascot Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is its location near the famous attractions, its spacious room suitable for families, in addition to the health facilities and swimming pools available in it.

What are the downsides Ascott Hotel Kuala Lumpur Which should you be aware of?

Some visitors pointed to some of the negatives, the most important of which are limited breakfast, and the absence of items that suit Arab taste, next to the delay in checking in and leaving the hotel.

Is there a pool in a hotel? Ascott Kuala Lumpur ?

Yes, there is an adult pool and another for children.

How much does it cost to stay in Ascot Kuala Lumpur Apartments For one night?

The price of the Premier Studio in the hotel ranges between 82 to 98 USD, and the price varies according to the tourist season.

Is breakfast in Ascott Hotel & Apartments Kuala Lumpur Included in the price of the stay?

The inclusiveness of breakfast depends on the type of reservation you have made.

Is breakfast good or bad at Ascot Hotel?

The breakfast was not well-liked by a large number of Arab guests, as it did not include various items suitable for Arab taste.

Is Ascot Hotel Suitable For Arab Families?

The hotel is suitable for Arab families in that its room is spacious, with a swimming pool suitable for children, but it is devoid of babysitting services or games rooms for children.

What is the best way to get to Ascott Kuala Lumpur From the airport quickly?

The distance from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport to Ascot Hotel by private car takes 52 minutes, and by subway this distance doubles to 1 hour and 17 minutes.

What is the dining experience at Ascot Hotel?

The hotel’s dining experience is free of diversity or multiple dining options, causing a large number of guests not to have their own eating preferences.

Are there good restaurants close to the hotel?

Lai Pu Hein Restaurant, which serves Chinese dishes, is available. Thirty Eight serves one of the city’s most famous restaurants and serves a variety of international dishes.

What sightseeing activities can be done near a hotel? Ascott Kuala Lumpur ?

You can enjoy visiting the famous Times Towers which are close to the hotel, and you can also enjoy spending time watching the sky from the National Planetarium or visiting the National Museum.

How far is the hotel from the tourist areas in Kuala Lumpur?

The hotel is 4.7 km from the National Museum, the Museum and Archeology Department, and 2.9 km from Berjaya Times Square. The Kuala Lumpur National Planetarium is 3.7 km away.

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