Saraya Tabah Madinah Hotel is the right place if you want a comfortable and inexpensive stay in Madinah. The hotel is distinguished as being the closest hotel to the Prophet’s Mosque.

It also enjoys the hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Medina in terms of prices and location, as it falls under the list of the cheapest hotels in Saudi Arabia with distinctive services.

In the next report, we will learn in detail about the Taba Brigades in Medina and the opinions of Arab visitors on it.

The most important features offered by the Saraya Tabah Madinah Hotel

Medina Taba Saraya includes many rooms and suites that include family accommodation units. The rooms include the basic facilities for a comfortable stay for visitors including a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, a seating area, and a private bathroom.

The hotel has wireless internet access throughout, and a safety deposit box in every room.

Food options

There is one restaurant and a café inside the hotel.

Types of rooms in Saraya Tabah Madinah Hotel

Double room with double bed.

Triple room with three single beds.

Family suite with two bedrooms.

Quad rooms have 4 single beds.

Prices at Saraya Tabah Hotel

The prices for Saraya Tabah Hotel in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah range from $ 43 to $ 92 for a standard room per night.

Prices vary depending on the season and the type of rooms.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Al Saraya Taba Hotel, Madinah, received a good evaluation on site, staff, value for money and cleanliness.

While some complained about the lack of parking, requests slowed down and furniture needed to be refurbished.

Hotel reservation
Saraya Taba Hotel in Madinah is one of the most important hotels in the city in terms of location and economic prices.
Saraya Tabah Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the Prophet’s Mosque
Madina Tabah Saraya offers a varied and excellent meal to guests
Saraya Tabah Hotel is located in Medina, near the Prophet's Mosque.

Saraya Taba Medina

Saraya Taibah Hotel is located in the central area, 7 minutes walk from the Prophet’s Mosque, 6 minutes by car from Mazaya Mall, 11 minutes from Quba Mosque and Jabal Uhud Garden.

While it is only 24 minutes away from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport.

You can find more information about Saraya Tabah Hotel in Madinah by completing the reading in Bukking.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Saraya Tabah Hotel:

Movenpick Hotel, Pullman Zamzam Al Madinah Hotel, Coral City

What are the advantages that make Saraya Tabah Hotel the best choice?

Economic rates, the location near the campus, vary the choice of accommodation.

What are the drawbacks of Saraya Tabah Madinah hotel that you should be aware of?

Tight parking, tight rooms, slow response by staff to visitors’ requests and furniture need to be refurbished.

Is there a pool in Saraya Tabah in Medina?

There is no swimming pool in the hotel.

How much does it cost to stay at Saraya Tabah Hotel in Madinah for one night?

Prices range from $ 46 to $ 67 for a standard room, depending on the period of the year.

Is breakfast included in Saraya Taba Hotel in Madinah, included in the price of the stay?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

Is breakfast good or bad in Saraya Tabah in Medina?

There is not enough information about the hotel’s breakfast.

Is Saraya Taba Medina suitable for Arab families?

The hotel is suitable for both Gulf and Arab families in general, as it provides rooms and family suites.

What is the best way to reach the Saraya Taba Hotel in Madinah from the airport?

The airport can be easily reached from the hotel in just 24 minutes via the path of King Salman and King Muhammad Abdul Aziz.

What is the dining experience at Saraya Tabah Hotel in Madinah?

There is only one restaurant in the hotel, and not a lot of information is available about it.

Are there good restaurants near Saraya Taba Hotel?

The hotel is close to several well-rated restaurants, including Zamzam Bukhari Restaurant, Al Baik and Al Omran Cafeteria.

What sightseeing activities can be done near the hotel?

There are a number of attractions near the Saraya Taba Hotel near Medina, the most important of which are the Prophet’s Mosque, Mazaya Mall, Quba Mosque, Madina Mall, Al Noor Mall, Jabal Uhud Garden.

How far is the Taba Saraya in Madinah from the tourist areas of the city?

The hotel is a 7-minute walk from the Prophet’s Mosque, a 6-minute drive from Mazaya Mall, 11 minutes from Quba Mosque and Mount Uhud Garden.

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