Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai is one of the best hotels in Dubai for singles 5 stars, with its secluded and quiet desert atmosphere, ideal for those looking for recreation and safari adventures and camping exciting in Bab Al Shams Dubai, with oriental designs and decor, and Bedouin furniture and furnishings rarely found in Dubai resorts that are usually It is concerned with the city’s coasts and its central landmarks, without its deserts, which are no less attractive and attractive for tourism trips in Dubai.

During our article today, we review the most important advantages, disadvantages and best prices offered by the Bab Al Shams Resort Dubai to its visitors, which are classified according to the ratings within Dubai hotels, which also did not neglect the share of families in high-end residence and entertainment.

Advantages of Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai

Bab Al Shams Desert is distinguished by its exterior design that resembles the Arab forts, with interior design, furniture and rustic furnishings with a desert flavor derived from the authentic Arab heritage that has characterized Dubai for centuries.

In addition to the family facilities that the venue provides such as the infinity-edge pool overlooking the
Desert, indoor children’s pool, fitness and spa treatments, TV and club
Children, live evening entertainment, safari tours (walking, horses and camels, bicycles), playgrounds
For shooting, golf, billiards and table tennis.

Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai also provides 24-hour room service, cleaning and reception in several languages, airport transfers, babysitting, ATMs, and facilities for people with special needs.

For the duration of your stay at the Bab Shams Hotel Dubai, forget to try traditional and international meals
Provided by his four high-end restaurants, but if you are a fan of open restaurant sessions
Al Hadhira Restaurant offers you a great atmosphere along with its delicious meals.

Disadvantages of the Bab Shams Hotel Dubai

She came
The complaints of the guests of Bab Shams Hotel Dubai about the high prices, and the presence of some non-dangerous insects
By virtue of the desert environment surrounding the place.

Bab Al Shams Hotel prices in Dubai

The prices for accommodation in the Bab Shams Hotel in Dubai range from $ 258 – $ 943 per night for two people in a standard room, and varies with the season, type and room size, reservation and tax policies.

Hotel reservation
Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai is one of the best Dubai hotels for singles that we recommend
Bab Shams Dubai is one of the Dubai hotels and resorts that is worth a visit, find out about the accommodation prices in it
We inform you about the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Bab Al Shams Hotel in Dubai
Looking for the best Dubai resorts? Bab Shams Hotel Dubai is one of the best

The location of Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai

And for more
More details about Bab
Dubai Sun, its location, bids, you can review its bookings page by clicking on
Read more below:

Hotel reservation

What makes the Bab Al Shams Desert Hotel the best choice?

Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai is one of the best options for safari enthusiasts, camping, or relaxing in recreation away from the hustle and bustle due to its location in the heart of the desert, which provides you with a great opportunity to mix with Arab Bedouin traditions and experience their delicious food, as the hotel provides various and enjoyable entertainment facilities ideal for individuals and families.

What are the drawbacks of the Bab Shams Hotel Dubai that you should be aware of?

The high prices, the presence of some insects, the location far from the airports and the city center, and from its most important tourist attractions.

Is there a swimming pool at Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai?

Yes, there is an infinity-edge outdoor pool overlooking the desert, another shallow and covered pool ideal for children, a deck and sunbathing facilities in front of the pool.

How much does it cost to stay in Bab Shams Dubai for one night?

The cost of staying in Bab Shams rooms and suites in Dubai ranges from $ 131- $ 422, varying with the season, room type, room size and other factors.

Is breakfast at Bab Al Shams Dubai included in the accommodation price?

The inclusiveness of breakfast in the bill for stay in Bab Shams Hotel Dubai varies depending on the room type booked and the reservation policies, which must be known carefully before booking.

Is breakfast good or bad at Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai?

Bab Al Shams Desert Meals are distinguished by their quality and variety.

Is Bab Al Shams Hotel in Dubai suitable for Arab families?

Yes, the hotel includes several family entertainment facilities such as swimming pools suitable for different ages, fitness and spa services, TV, club, babysitting, children’s meals, safari tours and sports fields, among others.

What is the best way to get to the Dubai sun door from the airport quickly?

Al Malaki Cars is the fastest way to reach between Bab Shams Dubai and Al Maktoum International Airport in 45 to 55 minutes, while public buses take approximately 5 hours.

What is the dining experience in Bab Shams Dubai?

The hotel has 4 restaurants for traditional and international cuisine, with Hadera open-air restaurant to serve Bedouin meals.

Are there good restaurants near the Bab Shams Hotel in Dubai?

There are no outdoor restaurants close to Bab Shams Dubai except for the Al Hadirah open restaurant which is located in the resort’s area 750 meters (7 minutes walk) from it.

What tourist activities can be done near the Bab Al Shams Hotel in Dubai?

In the vicinity of the Bab Al Shams Hotel in Dubai, you can take free safari tours with 4 wheel drive cars and bikes, or walk on horseback and camels, practice archery, golf, hunting, mix with the social and cultural lifestyle of the Bedouins, and camping.

How far is the Bab Al Shams Desert Hotel from the tourist areas in Dubai?

Because of its location in the Sahara area, there are no tourist neighborhoods close to the Bab Al Shams Hotel, Dubai, all of which are 40-70 km away.

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