Al-Safwa Hotel Orchid is ranked as one of the best 5-star hotels in the Haram and one of the most important hotels in Mecca near the Haram, which includes many amenities and luxury.

As well as its location in the Grand Mosque in Mecca and its proximity to the most important tourist attractions in the city.

In this report, we will show the most important features, activities and services that the Safwa Royal Orchid Hotel Makkah is one of the most luxurious hotels in the campus.

The most important features offered by the Elite Orchid Hotel

The hotel offers modern and upscale rooms with premium facilities and a shared lounge. It offers well-equipped grooms for private grooms, family rooms and soundproofed rooms.

The hotel features an on-site mini market, gift shops and VIP room facilities.

It also has facilities for the disabled, with daily cleaning services, ironing and dry cleaning services, free internet throughout the hotel.

This is in addition to business services including a business center equipped with fax and photocopying services, meeting and banquet rooms.

In addition to private parking at an additional cost.

Food options

The hotel has two restaurants serving traditional Saudi cuisine and classic international dishes as a buffet, in addition to the possibility of breakfast in the rooms.

A child-friendly buffet and special diet menus are also available.

In addition to the café in the Al Safwa Hotel Orchid, it serves a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Available rooms In the elite Orchid hotel

Standard double room.

Standard Double Room with Kaaba View.

Standard double room side view of the sanctuary.

Standard Triple Room.

Triple room with side view of the Noble Sanctuary.

Standard Quadruple Room with Side Sanctuary View.

Standard Double Room with Side Kaaba View.

Deluxe Double Room with Side Kaaba View.

Prices Elite Hotel Orchid

Prices per night for a standard room at the Al Safwah Orchid Hotel of the Al Safwah Hotel chain in Makkah ranges from $ 119 to $ 527.

Prices may vary according to the tourist seasons and room types.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Al Safwah Royale Orchid Hotel Makkah got very good reviews as one of the closest hotels to Al Haram visitors

This is in terms of location, staff, place cleanliness, comfort, and facilities.

Hotel reservation
The Elite Hotel Orchid offers full and partial views of the Great Mosque of Mecca.
At Safwah Orchid Hotel, there are a variety of accommodation options available.
Two dining options are available at Safwa Orchid Hotel.
Family rooms are available at Al Safwa Royal Orchid Hotel Makkah.
Featured facilities are available in Al Safwah Orchid Makkah Hotel rooms.

Site of the elite hotel Orchid Makkah

The Safwa Orchid Hotel is situated in an excellent location, Makkah Al Mukarramah Museum is 8.3 km away.

While the Grand Mosque is only 57 meters away, which is equivalent to one minute by car.

Abraj Al-Bait Mall is 9.8 km from the hotel, and Zamzam Will is 350 meters away.

You can also see more details about the Elite Hotel Orchid and its services.

Besides more about booking the Safwa Royal Orchid Makkah Hotel through the hotel’s website on Booking.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Al-Safwa Royal Orchid Hotel, Makkah Al-Mukarramah:

Dar Al-Ghafran Hotel Makkah, Al-Safwa Hotel, First Tower, Makkah

What are the features that make the Elite Hotel Orchid the best choice?

Excellent location on Ajyad Street and close to the Great Mosque of Mecca, a privileged view of the Haram, various options for accommodation, more than a choice of food, distinct facilities and services.

What are the downsides of the elite orchid hotel that you should be aware of?

Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: the narrowness of some rooms, and the high prices of some services.

Is there a swimming pool in Safwa Orchid Hotel?

There is no swimming pool in the Safwah Royale Orchid Makkah Hotel

How much does it cost to stay in Al-Safwa Orchid Makkah Hotel for one night?

The cost of accommodation in the elite Royal Orchid Makkah ranges between $ 147 and $ 200 for the standard room, depending on the period of the year.

Is breakfast at the Safwa Royal Orchid Makkah Hotel included in the Safwa Royal Orchid Makkah hotel reservation?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details. Is breakfast good or bad at Holiday Inn Sisli?

Is the breakfast good or bad at the Al Safwa Towers Orchid Hotel?

Most of the Arab guests praised the Iftar by the Al Safwah Towers Orchid Hotel, while some Arab guests mentioned its lack of diversity.

Is Al Safwah Royale Orchid Makkah suitable for Arab families?

Elite Hotel Orchid is suitable for Gulf families and Arab families in general, as it provides family rooms – meals for children.

What is the best way to get to the Safwa Orchid Hotel from the airport quickly?

From the airport, you can reach the hotel in a maximum of 1 hour and 27 minutes via Route 40 and Route 80M

What is the dining experience at Safwa Orchid Hotel?

Al Safwah Royal Orchid Hotel Makkah features two restaurants serving international cuisine in buffet style.

Are there good restaurants near the Safwah Orchid Makkah Hotel?

The hotel is close to several well-rated restaurants, including Royal Pete and Malaysian cuisine.

What tourist activities can be done near the elite Royal Orchid Makkah?

Close to the Safwah Royal Orchid Makkah Hotel, there are a number of attractions, the most important of which is the honored Mecca Museum, Zamzam Well and Abraj Al-Bait Mall.

How far is the Al Safwah Orchid Towers Hotel from the tourist areas of Mecca?

The hotel is 26 minutes from the Makkah Museum, 5 minutes by car, from Zamzam Well, and 25 minutes from Abraj Al-Bait Mall.

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