The Kempinski Hotel chain is one of the most luxurious and well-known international hotel chains, which has 5-star branches in various countries of the world, offering a sophisticated level of services, facilities and forms of entertainment with a decent deal.

On the Emirati level, the Kempinski Hotel Dubai branches are among the most luxurious hotels in Dubai in terms of services and dealings with guests, and in close proximity to the most important beaches, malls and tourist attractions in Dubai more than its competitors from other Dubai hotels.

The best branches of Kempinski Hotel Dubai

The Kempinski Dubai chain includes 4 major upscale branches across the city, and during this report we present to you the most important information about Kempinski Dubai branches that have the highest ratings of visitors compared to other Emirates hotels, with the easiest ways to book Kempinski Dubai Hotel online and through us.

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

Kempinski Dubai, which has a vital location adjacent to the Mall of the Emirates, close to Palm Jumeirah
The Dubai Marina, yacht and golf club, family leisure facilities such as swimming pools and fitness services
Spa, babysitting, airport transfers, playgrounds and ski area, shows and entertainment
My evening.

The hotel is 12.8 km from Palm Jumeirah, 28.2 km from Dubai International Airport, 6 minutes from the Mall

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated Excellent thanks to its comfort, cleanliness, excellent location, and helpful staff
Work and facilities.

Hotel reservation
The most important information about the Kempinski Hotel Dubai chain, which is trusted by its visitors

Kempinski Hotel Dubai The Palm

Kempinski Resort Dubai which is distinguished
Overlooking the scenic Jumeirah Coast, it offers a private beach area with pools and fitness services
Spa, airport transfer, club, babysitting, child protection, water sports and live shows.

The hotel is 2.9 km from Aquaventure Park, 36.5 km from Dubai International Airport, 8 minutes from The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Dolphin Bay.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is very well rated thanks to the comfort, cleanliness, quality of facilities, staff and location

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The easiest way to book Kempinski Hotel Dubai online and through us

Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Dubai

Kempinski Hotel Dubai, which has the characteristic
The tourist resort with views of the coast of Jumeirah and its amazing legendary building east of the touch,
With the availability of various entertainment facilities and integrated for families and grooms, such as offers
Night entertainment, sports fields, private beach and water sports, TV
A playground and baby-sitters.

The resort is 3.1 km from Aquaventure Park, 36.8 km from Dubai International Airport, 17.7 km from Mall of the Emirates.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel ranked excellent in
Both cleanliness, comfort, facilities, free internet coverage, staff cooperation
And location.

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A report highlighting the best Kempinski Dubai branches 5 stars

Aspen Kempinski Chalets

One of the finest hotels in the Kempinski Hotel Dubai series, which is self-catering, and offers direct views of the ski yard and the famous Mall of the Emirates, with elegant units and enjoyable leisure facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, tennis courts and facilities, evening entertainment and babysitting.

The chalets are located next to the Emirates Mall and 22 km from Dubai International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalets have achieved excellent ratings
It came in all of the internet services, the quality of the facilities, the location, the staff, the level of hygiene
And rest.

Hotel reservation
Kempinski Hotel Dubai is one of the best accommodation options in Dubai

What are the best branches of Kempinski Hotel Dubai?

The article presents a comprehensive guide to Kempinski Dubai’s city-wide branches, which have the highest ratings from Arab visitors, ranging from the wonderful and the excellent level of services, facilities and location.

Which branches of the Kempinski Hotel Dubai chain are suitable for families?

Aspen Kempinski Chalets, Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel Dubai, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates are the best branches of the Kempinski Dubai chain for families according to excellent reviews and great entertainment facilities such as ski yards and sports fields, entertainment and protection of children, swimming pools and fitness and spa, evening shows and evening, The ideal location for shopping, entertainment, beaches, and more.

What are the cheapest hotels in Kempinski Dubai chain?

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is the best cheapest branch of Kempinski Hotel Dubai, according to the level of its prices and the excellent Arab visitor ratings.

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