The beauty of Taif, with its elegance and splendor, as one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, is shown by its luxurious resorts, which are characterized by luxury and distinction, among them the Miral Taif Resort, which is one of the best hotels in Taif for grooms

Taif also includes Al Shifa resorts that are characterized by magic and beauty, when you intend to book Taif Al Shifa hotels, know that you will have an unparalleled time to marvel at it.

In this report, we explain to you the most important characteristics of Miral Resort in terms of the nature of the site, the level of services and facilities, the rooms available, and we did not lose sight of the opinions of visitors.

The most important features offered by Miral Taif Resorts

Al Shifa Hotels is unique from the beauty of its interior and exterior designs, with the harmonious coordination between the units and villas, and between the green spaces and the hiking areas.

The resort is also distinguished by the availability of multi-room villas, each of which contains several spacious rooms, and includes villas suitable for families and grooms, with very distinct facilities and services.

Miral Taif Resort also includes villas, living areas, and balconies offer wonderful views of the resort. The villa also has a large pool, with an indoor pool, water playgrounds, and a children’s play area.

There is a health club with wellness and spa facilities, a gym, and a range of recreational games such as billiards, table tennis, and live sporting events.

In addition to free Wi-Fi, free parking and grocery delivery.

Dining options in Meral Resort Taif

There is a grocery delivery service available in Miral Al-Taif, a minibar to provide drinks and snacks, in addition to a café on the resort site.

Rooms available in Meral Taif

Deluxe one-bedroom villa
It accommodates two people.

Honeymoon villa for new grooms.

Deluxe two-bedroom villa for up to four people.

Premium two-bedroom villa for up to
Four individuals.

3 bedroom deluxe villa for up to
6 people.

Premium 3 bedroom villa for up to
6 people.

4 bedroom deluxe villa for up to 8 people.

Premium 4 bedroom villa for up to 8 people.

Royal 4-bedroom villa sleeps 8.

Miral resort prices in Taif

The cost for one night stay in the Miral Taif Oasis Resort ranges from $ 111 to $ 990 for two people in a standard room.

And it varies according to the nature of the season, the type of unit and its advantages.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Meral Resort in Taif received a very good evaluation in terms of quality of facilities, services, cleanliness, value for money, comfort, and the staff and its suitability for a family atmosphere got a great evaluation.

Hotel reservation
The large rooms of Miral Taif Resorts
Great rooms for grooms from the magnificent Meral Taif Resort.
Places of living and sessions of Miral Taif

Miral Taif Resort website

The resort is located near a group of parks and gardens, as it is 3.8 km from Taif Zoo, and Al Ruddaf Park at a distance of 4 km, and Taif Airport is 44.6 km.

You can find out more details about the hotel and how to book by visiting the hotel page on the Bukking website by clicking on the link below.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Miral Taif Resort website

Taif sofas, Valenci Resort, Taif

What are the features that make Miral Taif Resort the best choice?

Miral Resorts feature an excellent location, beautiful views, spacious and clean rooms, and excellent service compared to the price, based on Arab reviews of the place.

What are the downsides of the Miral Oasis resorts in Taif that you should be aware of?

Some complained that there was no restaurant in the place, and some complained that there were some bathrooms that needed maintenance.

Is there a pool in the Meral Hotel and Resort?

Yes, the resort has an outdoor and an indoor pool.

How much does it cost to stay at the Oasis Miral Resort for one night?

The prices for one-night stay in Miral Taif range from $ 150 to $ 900, and vary depending on the tourist season, type of unit, and its features.

How far is Miral Taif from the tourist areas and commercial markets in Taif?

The resort is 3.8 km from Taif Zoo, and Obeikan Market is 11.3 km.

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