Saudi hotels compete with each other to attract visitors to the Kingdom, as is the matter with Riyadh hotels, where competition intensifies to provide optimal services at the most appropriate price in the hope of repeated visits by inmates, and many of the hotel visitors want to choose hotel apartments for their residence in a desire of privacy and exclusivity, and we have taken upon ourselves The task of helping those looking for cheap furnished apartments in Riyadh at the same time with good service, the best example of which is Sama Al Qasr Apartments Riyadh.

Sama Al Qasr Apartments series, Riyadh

This series deserved a distinguished place among the guests who praised it, and we in turn will address in our following report the apartments of Sama Al Qasr for the residential units in its two branches: Muhammadiyah and Khurais, reviewing the characteristics of each branch according to the assessments of visitors who previously resided in it.

Sama al-Qasr Muhammadiyah

Sama Al Qasr Hotel Apartments in Riyadh, the Muhammadiyah branch, provides studios and apartments adapted to suit your needs.

The rooms also include a flat-screen TV, a safety deposit box and a wardrobe. Free public parking is available on site, and valet parking is provided.

Riyadh Gallery Mall is 10 minutes away, equivalent to 2.4 km from the hotel. King Khalid International Airport is 32 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments were rated well, as are the best branches of Sama Al Qasr, Riyadh, for room capacity and cleanliness, good reception, and parking capacity.

Hotel reservation
Sama Al Qasr apartments in its branch in the Muhammadiyah closest to the airport, a distance of no more than 32 km

Sama Al Qasr Khurais

The rooms of this Khurais branch apartment, elegantly and simply furnished, contain a flat-screen TV and an electric kettle. The apartments also include a separate living room and an equipped kitchen with a gas hob and fridge.

Free parking, a chapel, a restaurant, and a business center are available on the site, which made it the most unique among the Sama Al Qasr branches in Riyadh.

Panorama Mall is 2.9 km from the apartments, Al Faisaliah Mall is 6.3 km, and King Khalid International Airport is 48.7 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments are well rated for the quiet location, excellent reception, exceptional cleanliness in rooms and corridors, and an economical price.

Hotel reservation
Sama Al Qasr residential units are characterized by the studied economical price

What are the best hotels in the Sama Al Qasr chain, Riyadh?

It is a hotel Sama Al Qasr Khurais One of the best hotels in the chain, according to the visitors’ evaluation, due to the large number of rooms and the diversity of its facilities.

Which hotels in this chain are suitable for families?

All branches of the chain are suitable for families, whether in terms of the size of the apartments or studios, but services for children are not available in either of them.

What are the cheapest hotels in this chain?

This chain is considered to be economically priced, whether it is the Muhammadiyah branch or Khurais.

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