Windsor Hotel Luxor is one of the best 3-star hotels in Luxor, which offers its guests an acceptable level of services for a small price, making tourism in Luxor and enjoying its picturesque beauty and ancient civilization something accessible to all, regardless of travel budgets.
To find out the most important services and accommodation prices offered by Windsor Luxor for its guests, you can follow the following report.

The most important features offered by the Windsor Luxor Hotel

Windsor Luxor Hotel has air-conditioned rooms equipped with modern furniture and a private bar, an ordinary and warm outdoor pool, a health club offering sauna and massage sessions, proximity to the city’s attractions, Wi-Fi and free parking.

Dining options

The hotel has a restaurant that serves local and international delicacies, as well as a bar for drinks.

Available rooms

The Windsor Hotel does not offer multiple options to stay like other surrounding hotels, it only has 3 forms of rooms:
Standard single rooms with 1 single bed or twin beds with separate or triple beds with three separate beds.

Windsor Luxor Hotel prices

Hotel prices start from $ 20, and vary in different rooms and suites during the season for two people, and off-season prices do not differ from what they are during it, and its prices are very competitive compared to the prices of Luxor hotels.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a poor evaluation rate of 5.8 of its visitors if they consider that the level of cleanliness, comfort and facilities available is lower than the paid fee, and nonetheless excel items such as the distinctive location of the hotel and the good handling of the staff.

Hotel reservation

Windsor Luxor Hotel
Windsor Luxor Hotel Egypt
The address of Windsor Luxor Hotel
Windsor Hotel in Luxor
Windsor Hotel Luxor
Windsor Luxor Hotel Egypt

The Windsor Luxor Hotel website

The hotel is located on Nefertiti Street, 200 meters from the eastern bank of the Nile Luxor, less than 1 km from Luxor Temple, 2 km from the Karnak Temple, 3 km from the auspicious statue, 4 km from Valley of the Kings.
As for transportation, the central train station is 1 km from the hotel, while the airport is approximately 6.5 km.

For more information about the Windsor Luxor Hotel and quotations, you can visit the Booking website.

Hotel reservation

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