The state of Sabah, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas, and which contains a lot of tourist areas that suit many tourists because of its picturesque nature and different tourist attractions, as we find therapeutic tourism and recreational tourism that includes different architectural landmarks and natural features that he has endowed God is for this wonderful state, where the beauty and clarity of its water, whiteness and the softness of its sands, in addition to the group of different animals that live on its land and the different plants grown on its land, which are among the best and rarest wonderful plants, and it is also worth noting that the city of Kota Kina Palu It is the official capital of the state of Sabah, as it contains the best tourist areas in the state of Sabah, one of the most important of which is Mount Kina Palu, and there is also an animal of the wonderful human being of the jungle, which is one of the best tourist destinations to see from all tourists, animal lovers and all those interested in zoology, and It is also worth noting that the state of Sabah has been established on a plot of land that may reach an area of ​​about seventy-three thousand square kilometers, which is located on the island of Porino, and it also enjoys being fertile land suitable for the cultivation of many different plants famous and rare, as It is widely known for its mangroves That abound in it and that gives a general shape to the state that it is one of the most beautiful states in addition to the rice fields that are also widespread and which are characterized by moisture as they are cultivated on the highlands that are on the chain of the famous Crocker Mountain ,,

And one of the most important tourist attractions that the state of Sabah is characterized as it is an important source for increasing tourism in the state of Sabah is the safari area of ​​apes peaks, as it is one of the most famous tourist areas in the state of Sabah and that tourists from many countries of the world flock to see many types of Different monkeys have fun with them, as it is also worth noting that the monkey tops safari is considered one of the best places that is characterized by the ease of its roads as it is one of the easiest ways that will lead you and lead you to the mountain tops safari area by way of the highway behavior which is taken from Kota Kina Palu City is the capital of Sabah State Even the monkeys safari area, which does not exceed this journey time period of an hour and a half approximately, and it is characteristic in this region is the spread of mangroves in most of the land of the Clayas Peninsula, which is based on the monkeys safari area, which is characterized by stagnant and fixed water and In which some different marine plants grow, as it is spread by various different types of plants, which are rare and common, and it is also famous for the abundance of wild animal species, of which the most important examples are the bored monkeys, which are characterized as having a long nose, as it is found in them Also famous macaques that you know It has a long tail, as it frequently by crocodiles and some butterflies glowworm that lit during the night and give a spectacular view of the this magnificent island, as they contain a great variety of bird species backward and also characterize this region.

And it is also worth noting that this safari was established from local materials which made it could bear about more than two hundred visitors and that at least at the same time, as it also has a small bar for different drinks and it also contains a small shop to do By selling some souvenirs, which are a wonderful collection of various products and handicrafts that were made locally, and this safari contains a special observation tower, which has been built to become about thirty feet high, and it was specially built to do Carrying visitors and tourists, where they can enjoy watching the various aphids The wonderful and distinctive feature of this safari region, which is one of the most important tropical wetlands, and wildlife, which is characterized by it as it contains many types of animals and various wild plants, in addition to the presence of a wooden path that looks like a bridge and which is distinguished by its length That reaches about five hundred feet, as its roof was specially made from the famous Nipa palm tree.

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