Saqqara is considered one of the most important archaeological areas in the Egyptian state, as it is located on the opposite side of the ancient state of Memphis, and this region is considered as an ancient cemetery in Egypt, located on the west bank of the Nile River, and perhaps the name of Saqqara belongs to the Pharaonic gods Suker, who is the coward gods.

The most important monuments in Saqqara

Saqqara has many ancient monuments, most of which are Pharaonic monuments, including:

Djoser’s effects

And Djoser is one of the pharaohs and belonging to the third family, which ruled the Egyptian state in the past, and the most famous of its effects is the Step Pyramid, which was built in the year two thousand eight hundred and sixteen B.C. For the king, the length of the base of this pyramid is about one hundred and thirty meters, while its width is about one hundred and ten meters, and its degrees that rise sixty meters from six huge steps, and it is a fragile limestone pyramid, and there are many passages inside it, in addition to the corridors, as there is in it Many rooms, p Z porcelain walls with cut green and blue, and contains a fake number three doors, all of which contain inscriptions of King Djoser.

There is a statue of King Djoser of its natural size, which was found in one of the catacombs located on the northeastern side of Saqqara City. Djoser, each terrace contains a foyer and some columns.

The pyramid of Onas

This pyramid is located on the southern side of the Saqqara Pyramid, built to be the tomb of King Onas, which belongs to the Fifth Pharaonic royal family, and its rooms were engraved with hieroglyphic inscriptions known as the texts of the pyramids, and these inscriptions are considered the first religious document in the world.

Muroka cemetery

And it is the one that Traffic constructed for his family, consisting of thirty two passages and rooms, all of which are located in the upper part. Al-Shamali has a statue of him on it, and it contains many inscriptions that tell his funeral, in addition to the presence of inscriptions in some stones engraved with scenes from Marroka while he listens to his wife playing on the fugitive and next to some dancers.


It is a mastaba constructed by T for him and let us rejoice the wife of S, who is composed of two parts, in the upper section is a small hall with two columns and engraved with a picture of Tie inside and outside the cemetery.

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