The cost of one-night room accommodation is $ 250, which appears to be a reasonable cost if it is divided into four people. There is also a main living area and a kitchenette on the ground floor. The living room does not have corners because it is completely round, and the swimming pool was built from seashells Oysters are surrounded by coconut trees and tropical plants, as we find that the faucets are made of coral and shelves in the rooms from the shells collected from the island’s beach.

The house was built of concrete materials in addition to two types of shells, where the crab shells were used in the smaller construction, while the other part of the oyster shell was built, and the kitchen was placed in the meandering of one of the shells, and it contains a fridge, microwave, stove, washbasin and a round seating area for dining .

The circular stairs lead to the main bedroom and a small balcony with a wonderful view of the gardens outside the Caribbean and fragrant breezes of the ocean. The hotel is not far from the amazing cliffs and small beaches that disappear and appear with the tides, and the ocean hides many wonderful gifts such as shells and beautiful coral reefs .

The hotel offers its guests the highest level of first-class service, and the owners Raquel and Eduardo live nearby and are always keen to ensure that their guests are getting the perfect vacation. The Seashell House and beautiful gardens are the perfect place for a romantic wedding and a honeymoon.

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