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It is the Republic of Seychelles, and there is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean consisting of approximately 116 islands, and it has a group of international borders; it is bordered by the northeastern corner of Madagascar, and from the eastern corner Kenya, and it takes the city of Victoria as its capital, and its total area reaches 459 km2, and lives on it More than one hundred thousand people.

brief history

The islands since ancient times were uninhabited, and the first visit of human beings to it by Arab merchants, while the first European visit to the islands in 1502 AD by Portuguese Admiral Vasco da Gama, and in 1609 AD a crew known as Ascending followed to the British Indian Company Led by Captain Sharpay.

During the period between 1794 and 1810 AD, the British took control of the islands, and then French official Jean-Baptiste Ques de Quincy managed to reach an agreement with Britain in the Treaty of Paris in 1814 AD, in which Seychelles became a separate colony from Mauritius.


The islands gained their independence in the year 1976 AD from the Commonwealth of the Republic, and in 1979 the single-party socialist state was established which lasted until 1991 AD, and during the sovereignty of this country, a series of coup attempts against President France Albert Rene prevailed with the support of South Africa.

the climate

The islands are affected by a moderate climate with a relatively low humidity, and temperatures vary from month to month, with temperatures varying throughout the year between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius, and the rate of rainfall on the islands reaches 2900 mm during the year, and the lowest temperature rates between July And August by 24 degrees Celsius.

Trade winds blow from the southeast side during the period from May to November, and these months are characterized by being the most pleasant months of the year, and the highest temperatures reach 31 degrees Celsius between December and May.


Since the independence of the islands, the standard of living has started to improve by seven times, and the islands depend primarily on the tourism sector, where it employs 30% of the workforce for the islanders, and it also depends on the agricultural sector at 3%, as it depends on the crops (sweet potatoes, Vanilla, coconut, and cinnamon), the fishing and industrial sectors.

The islands suffered a global economic crisis in 2008, and the government worked to contain the costs of social welfare, and sought to work in economic sectors such as the distribution of petroleum products, banking services, management of basic products, and communications.


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