Ski Dubai is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Emirate of Dubai, because it is one of the most attractive places for tourists from all over the world, and Ski Dubai is not the park that many might think but rather it is the attractive park that no one can imagine. It is really one of the places that is considered one of the most beautiful things that can be seen on the face of the earth, and through this article we will get to know Ski Dubai in detail, as we will learn about the prices of tickets for entering the park.

Ski Dubai:

Ski Dubai is one of the places that can only be seen in the Emirates, where the UAE has been known for its technological progress and development, especially over the recent years. Ski Dubai is among the great miracles that the UAE has achieved, because it is known that The climate in the Emirates enjoys great heat, as this is the miracle in the presence of the snow park in this country, where the visitor feels that he is in one of the Arctic regions, and thus the full pleasure is between the high temperatures of the air with the distinctive snow park.

Dubai Ski Park Creation Date:

Ski Dubai was established in the year two thousand and five, and since that day the park has managed to achieve a lot of success and prosperity, as it attracted many visitors to it on a daily basis, until the park reached the largest number of visitors, with the number of visitors to the Ski Park reaching about two million visitors in One year.

Description of Ski Dubai:

The park is one of the widest areas that you can see in your life, as the entire snow garden area is approximately twenty two thousand square meters, and this provides an opportunity for beautiful snowboarding, and the Dubai Sky Park won the third position, in terms of it is one of the best slopes Snow in the world, and the Ski Dubai park won first place in the World Cup Ski Snowboard, it is really one of the places that can be fun and recreation through her visit, in addition to enjoying shopping in Dubai Mall as well, along with a wide range of activities Various in the snow park.

Activities in Ski Dubai:

There are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed by visiting the Ski Dubai park, and the park can be reached very quickly, through the metro in the Mall of the Emirates, and one of the most interesting activities in the ice park Ski Dubai is skiing on five different slopes that vary in Their lengths and steepness, as well as meeting the penguins, can be enjoyed eating the finest foods in the café on the top of the slope, and the climb up to the top of the slope through the suspended seats and enjoy that attractive view.

How to book for a visit to Ski Dubai:

Since Ski Dubai is one of the famous tourist places in the emirate of Dubai, a large number of visitors come to it on a daily basis, and it is possible to pre-book and inquire about anything about the snowy park in Dubai by going directly to the Mall of the Emirates, which is located specifically On the famous Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Snow City tickets in Dubai Ski Dubai:

Although the Snow Park in Dubai has many great advantages, the entry price is very appropriate and not expensive as many people think, as entry prices to Ski Dubai Snow Park are very suitable for many people, and entry prices are according to the period that is A visit in which the park is located, and the prices are inclusive of ice clothing, as the ticket price for adults is one hundred and fifty dirhams, and for children the ticket price for the child is only ninety five dirhams, but in the case of reservation to enter the ski slope inside the snowy park, then the ticket price For two hours it is One hundred and eighty adults, and one hundred and fifty children, but in the case of wanting to book for a full day, the price is three hundred dirhams for adults, while it is two hundred and forty children only.

Entertainment adventure video in Ski Dubai

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