Turkey is one of the most beautiful Asian countries that mix scenic mountainous natural scenery with archaeological monuments belonging to a number of ancient civilizations. Located in Turkey, Sutüven Şelalesi waterfall located in the village of Zeytinli, where the waterfall is formed from the Kızılkeçili Çayı River, which originates from the high elevations, Sari Kız Heights. The waterfall is 4.6 km from the village.

The waterfall rises about 17 meters and flows from the charming Kızıl Kızılı river. The region started to grow in tourism since 1992 on an area of ​​3 hectares. A number of tourist facilities were created, with more than 300 thousand tourists flocking to it in the summer season, as the area surrounding the Alcazar Mountains is characterized in the town of Balik Asir Balıkesir located in the Turkish West is characterized by its richness in plant and animal wealth and is characterized by enchanting beauty as it is one of the most areas where there is fresh air loaded with oxygen, the place combines adventure with the love of exploration and enjoying beautiful landscapes, the place is characterized as suitable for practicing Rennes sports hard Kedzlq mountains.

It is distinctive that the waterfall is far from the village of Hasan bo قريةldu, it is one of the villages that is characterized by beauty. To marry her to bring 40 bags of salt from the mountains and transport them to the village, but he is exhausted and weak and is said to have drowned in this lake and when the girl learned that she committed suicide with the same scarf he gave it to her, it is worth noting that the region has a number of remaining Romen columns from the remains of Romen times before Islam On the outskirts of the waterfall, there are a series of restaurants Protective offering delicious meals very distinctive you can enjoy the meal to the sound of birds singing birds and watching the birds and the voice of Greer water and watch the charming nature, there are also markets to watch and buy the villagers products delicious and handicrafts produced by the Bedouin there or enjoy the sport of mountain climbing ..

Address: Beyoba Mahallesi, 10300 Edremit / Balık Asir, Turkey

As for the state of Balak Asir, it is one of the picturesque states located in the south of the Marmara region, part of its lands is located in Aga and the other part in the Aegean Sea, the province is located in the west of Anatolia, bordered by the provinces of Bursa and Kotoya from the east, Izmir and Manisa from the south, and Chanakala from the west. The state was special for the Byzantine rule And the Romenian before the Seljuk conquest and then turned to an Ottoman state characterized by agriculture and animal husbandry of the most famous trees with olive trees and cologne and grapes was the first center for piloting aircraft after the Turkish Republic, the city is characterized by the abundance of hills and caves and residential areas and there are remains of For ancient and modern stone ages and copper caves dating back to the glacial hills, its coast is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, famous for the islands and beautiful waterfalls and mountains, the most famous of which are Montenegro, Adenjek Mountain, Kapeg Mountain, Mount Solaya, Mount Caltaba, Mount Etham Mountains, the Madra Mountains, Mount Kazel, and Mount Huddle, they have unique fish Suitable for hunting lovers whose coasts open for hunting amateurs, there are a number of nature reserves in the state.

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