Science and education has been one of the most important priorities in recent decades, and students have not only satisfied education in its early stages, but many have been pursuing graduate studies, not only this, but travel for education is one of the most important reasons for travel in recent times, and for this reason our article on study And scholarships in Thailand. Students, whether in basic education or postgraduate studies, search for external countries that offer a distinct educational level, in order to ensure the quality of the content they receive. As part of the search for a foreign country, it combines the distinguished academic level and the low costs – as the biggest obstacle in the study – you will definitely get Thailand! Thailand is one of the most important countries that attract students at all levels of education.

Education in Thailand:

Thailand has witnessed an unprecedented boom in recent decades, and its location next to Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries has made remarkable progress, and one of the most important reasons for the surge in progress in Thailand is education. Thai governments have attached great priority to ensuring the rising generation, so government spending on a sector Education is only more than twenty percent of government spending, which is not a negligible amount at all. As a result, the proportion of education in Thailand constituted more than 96% of the citizens, an amazing percentage by all accounts. The basic educational structure is formed in twelve years of it. Primary six years and six Other upper levels, three of which are equivalent to the preparatory stage, and three are equivalent to the secondary level. After that comes the university education stage, which ranges between three and five years according to specialization, and Thailand has more than 62 public and private universities, providing all university majors. For more information about Thailand And life in it, please visit here.

Study and scholarships in Thailand:

Many students ask about studying and scholarships in Thailand, and the part of the study we covered about him at the beginning of the article, and here are the most prominent universities that attract student interest: 1. Kasetsart University: It is one of the oldest universities in Thailand, it was established in 1943, and it is located in the capital, Bangkok. 2. Queen Nardown University: which was established in 2005 and despite its modernity, it has proven a competitive educational competence. 3. Nariswan University: Established in 1990.4. Migou University: Created in 1996.5. Thammasat University (SIIT): Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, which is the most famous scholarships provider in Thailand, in addition to many efficient universities.

Why Thailand?

Thailand is a very distinct choice for studying abroad, due to several reasons, including: 1. Its educational level progressed, and the government was keen to apply the latest education standards. 2. Low costs of housing, food and transportation, which helps to reduce the costs of study as a whole. 3. Many universities offer free scholarships, inclusive of all tuition costs. 4. Some universities offer studies in English, which breaks the language barrier for some. 5. Almost all academic specializations exist, although the most famous are the technological fields. 6. Ease of movement and movement from one place to another, which saves a lot of time and effort for the student. 7. Availability of advanced study capabilities.

Scholarships in Thailand:

Many universities in Thailand offer comprehensive scholarships for Master's and Ph.D. studies, and for all disciplines, most scholarships share some things: 1. Most scholarships are completely free, meaning that the student does not claim any tuition fees. 2. Some scholarships provide a living stipend to help the student devote himself to education. 3. Whether the scholarship is for a master’s or doctorate, proofs of the degree you obtained should qualify and qualify for the scholarship, and with a specific estimate determined according to the scholarship. 4. Most of the scholarships are formally announced on the Thai Ministry of Education official website, or the site of the granting university itself, and the application is online via the website. You must have a degree in English and a good degree for English scholarships. 6. Some grants require the recommendation of an academic professor to nominate the student for the scholarship. 7. Scholarships are usually available to all foreign students outside Thailand, regardless of place of residence. In conclusion, we hope that the article has provided each researcher for education abroad with a comprehensive overview of all matters related to education in Thailand. If you have any questions or comments on the subject then do not Free to leave your comment.

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