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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Sydney, and is famous for its amazing location surrounded by water, and has been classified among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and you can visit this opera and learn about its history, its theaters, studios, and halls dedicated to shows and concerts, in addition to a hall For cinema.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is home to the indigenous Australian population, and has been used as a fishing base by Europeans, and later used as a facility to punish those convicted, while at present it is an interesting cultural area, in addition to attracting many tourists to explore the historical sites that possess it, and enjoy To eat meals in the restaurants located next to the port.

Customs building

The customs building ranks among the most important historical buildings in the country, which testified to the history of European settlement to Australia, it was built by the indigenous people of the Euras, and at the moment it houses a library and meeting place, and contains a huge city model covered with underground glass allowing the visitor to walk and see the sights Sydney city from the top.

Sydney Observatory

The Sydney Observatory is located in Sydney’s Rocks District, and is a landmark city and astronomical center, apart from an appendix of the Powerhouse Museum at Darling Harbor.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

The Sydney Heritage Museum, or the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, is one of the city’s most famous museums, with a long history. It was built in 1819 AD to house and feed convicted children and men, and then it became a dormitory for newly arrived immigrant and immigrant women, Nowadays it has become a museum depicting aspects of its own history.

Darling Port

Darling Harbor is located ten minutes from downtown Sydney, and it is a vital location that includes many restaurants, shops, and entertainment attractions. The site has a long and wonderful history, and it was named after the team Ralph Darling who was governor of New South Wales from 1825 CE until The year 1831 AD.

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