We offer you a comprehensive guide with the best resorts in Morocco and recommended in the most important Moroccan cities, Tangier and Marrakech
All of the following Morocco resorts have been tried by Arab visitors, and have received good ratings.

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Best resorts in Tangier

Tangier’s magical location on two bodies of water made it a reason to include a group of the most beautiful tourist resorts as well as hotels that are considered one of the best hotels in Morocco, here are some of the best resorts in Tangier according to the opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Resorts in Morocco

Best resorts in Marrakech

The city of Marrakech is distinguished by being an international tourist destination where festivals and international conferences are held, as well as tourists from all countries of the world come to enjoy its moderate atmosphere and follow its antiquities, as this wonderful city owns many museums, old quarters, palaces and popular markets.
In the event that Marrakech is your next destination, we present to you in this article a list of the best resorts of Marrakech Morocco, the location of each of them, its advantages and the summary of the Arab visitors’ assessments, to help you choose the appropriate resort for you .. Read more

Resorts of Morocco

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