Piazza delle Erbe is one of the distinctive places in the city of Verona in northern Italy, and the historic significance of the Del Arbe square is that it was a public square during the period of the Romen Empire. The Del Arp square includes a number of the most beautiful places of tourism in Verona, in addition to the effects of Romen civilization, the square includes a number of cafes and restaurants that serve distinctive italyn cuisine.

Piazza del Arb Verona is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy

The best activities in Piazza del Irbe Verona

• You can walk around the famous square and see the Romen ruins in it, the most important of which are the City Hall and the Lamberti Tower, the houses of Mazanti that date back to the fourteenth century, and also the tower of Gardello which carries a bell was used to know the time in the past, and during your tour you will see the merchant’s house that dates back to the year 1306 and which turned In a period of history to the Chamber of Commerce.

Piazza del Irbe Verona is one of the best tourist places in Italy

• As for the oldest antiquities found in Piazza del Arp, it is the fountain that mediates the square and the statue above it which is called Madonna Verona, and they go back to the fourth century AD. Pioneers of Piazza del Irp must take pictures next to the fountain and the statue, so do not forget to document your trip to the square by taking pictures.

Piazza del Irbe in Verona, Italy

As for the Mavi Palace, which is located to the north of the square and dates back to the seventeenth century, it now includes a number of shops that sell a number of local italyn products, especially souvenirs, so you can visit the palace to learn about its style and also buy some souvenirs during your tour.

Piazza del Erb is one of the best places of tourism in Verona

• Finally, you can choose between a number of Verona’s best cafes and restaurants for exquisite italyn cuisine or for famous italyn coffee in the Del Herb Square.

Del Arbe Square is one of Verona's most famous tourist attractions

The best hotels are close to Verona square in Verona

Dante Residence Hotel, a 4-star Verona hotel, is 2.9 km from Del Arbe Verona Square.
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Most of the visitors gave him a great evaluation regarding the cleanliness, staff and comfort.

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Casa Poli Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Italy, Verona, just 800 meters from Del Erbe Verona square.
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Most visitors rated it excellent for cleanliness, staff, services, and hygiene.

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Del Arbe Verona square location on the map

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