One of the recreational places in Riyadh of a recreational nature within the city of Riyadh is the Water Splash Park, a place that includes many water games inside waterfalls and artificial lakes. The park is surrounded by vast green areas in addition to many recreational facilities.
The water park is located in the eastern ring district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it is characterized as a picnic suitable for the whole family, both adults and children, and it is one of the most famous amusement parks in Riyadh.

Water Splash Water Park - Riyadh

Activities you can do inside the Water Splash water park

• You can take a walk inside the gardens covered with green spaces in Water Splash Park and enjoy the nature, you can also rent a chalet to enjoy the picnic more, and you can also enjoy the barbecue experience inside the garden so it is suitable for families and friends.
• As for water games, they are the most important thing you can enjoy inside the water park, where you can enjoy lakes full of spirals and lubricants that give you the pleasure of sliding into the water and other interesting water games, and there are also water games for children.

Water Splash Water Park - Riyadh

• And of course you can enjoy the waters of the lake designated for swimming inside the Water Splash Park. It is worth noting that there is a place for adults and another for children in this lake.

Water Splash Water Park - Riyadh

For your children, there is also a garden for children in the water park that includes a large number of games for children, such as collision carts, swings, and others.

Water Splash Water Park - Riyadh

times of work:

From 02:00 PM until 12:00 PM

Entry prices:

For adults: 15 Saudi riyals.
For children: 30 Saudi riyals, including water games.

Hotels near Water Splash Park Riyadh

Vivienda hotel villas, Granada, is one of the best 5-star hotels in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, just 1.5 km from Water Splash Park Riyadh.
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Most of the Arab visitors rated it excellent for cleanliness and great location.
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Tiara Hotel Riyadh, a 5-star hotel in Saudi Arabia, is 3.8 km away from Water Splash Park Riyadh.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel:
Most of the Arab visitors gave him a very good evaluation of the location and cleanliness.
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Water Splash Park site Riyadh

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