The city of Alexandria is one of the most beautiful tourist cities of Egypt at all, because of its wonderful features, starting from its magnificent sea extending over a huge distance to its natural, recreational and cultural attractions.
During the report, we shed light on a group of the most famous malls of Alexandria and the most visited by visitors from all countries of the world, as well as provide you with the most important information about the best hotels in Alexandria, which will definitely require your tour to reserve one of them to spend some nights in the bride of the Mediterranean ..

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Best hotels in Alexandria

Hotels and resorts in Alexandria are considered to be one of the finest hotels in Egypt, as most of them provide an exquisite view of the Mediterranean coast, as they differ in their class to satisfy all tastes and needs of the guests. read more

The malls in Alexandria

Alexandria malls

One of the most important landmarks of Alexandria Entertainment City is the malls that include many facilities that provide enjoyment and entertainment for the visitor, where we dedicated this article to talk about the best.

Green Plaza Alexandria Mall

Green Plaza Mall Green Plaza Mall is one of the famous and largest malls in Alexandria, as it has 370 stores selling different items, so shopping has a special taste, and the mall includes a number of cinemas and restaurants that make going to it more enjoyable .. Read more

Alexandria malls

Alexandria City Center

City Center Alexandria Mall is one of the most famous malls in Alexandria as it has about 169 stores selling various products, so it is a great opportunity to shop among the most famous international and local brands as well, in addition to that, the City Center includes a separate seating area and a number of diverse restaurants to choose Among them .. Read more

    The most famous malls of Alexandria

San Stefano Mall

San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall is considered the most important and largest mall in Alexandria and it is affiliated with the luxury residential complex of the same name.
San Stefano Mall includes a large number of shops of the most luxurious international brands that make the shopping experience a great experience, as the mall includes a large number of well-known restaurants and cafes alongside the largest cinema complex in Alexandria.
The mall is distinguished by being overlooking four streets, including the Corniche of Alexandria, so it has views of the sea, and its distinct location allows access to it quickly and easily from several directions .. Read more

The best malls in Alexandria

Al-Oruba Mall, Alexandria

Orouba Mall is one of the best malls in Alexandria, as it includes a number of local shops and some of the stores of international brands.
Besides, Al-Orouba Mall includes a number of diverse restaurants, including fast food restaurants, as well as luxurious restaurants with multiple choices … Read more

Alexandria malls

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