The city of Riyadh is famous for its beautiful neighborhoods filled with hotels, especially today, Al-Rawda neighborhood hotels in Riyadh, which are characterized by comfortable services and affordable prices.

Al-Rawda neighborhood in Riyadh is characterized by calm, along with its proximity to a number of markets and malls known to the city

What made Riyadh hotels in Al-Rawdhah neighborhood so popular with those who want calmness and those who want to live in comfortable and economically priced accommodation units.

Best Riyadh neighborhood hotels

In this article, we have chosen for you a list of the best hotels in Al-Rawdhah District, Riyadh, which are considered to be among the best in the list of East Riyadh hotels

We thought it provided good services and garnered high reviews from Arab visitors.

Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel

This hotel, which is considered one of the best in Riyadh, offers furnished apartments with elegantly designed rooms

You will definitely feel at home with modern and comfortable furniture and flat screen displays.

The hotel, which is considered the best hotel in the Al-Rawdhah district in Riyadh, also includes parking, grocery delivery, breakfast in the rooms, and airport transfers.

This hotel is a 15-minute drive from King Khalid Airport, and 10 minutes from the Al-Hokair area.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

This hotel rated very good as one of the best hotels in Ar Rawdah, Riyadh

The reason is due to the cleanliness of the facilities, good handling of the staff, good facilities, and the strategic location of the hotel.

Hotel reservation
Enjoy a distinctive stay in the most luxurious hotels in Al-Rawdhah district in Riyadh, with modern and elegant design.

Best Western Plus Forsan

This hotel belongs to the Best Western chain of hotels in Riyadh, and it is characterized by its quiet location and away from the crowds, like the rest of Al-Rawda hotels in Riyadh

Its rooms include a work desk, air conditioning and a private bathroom. The hotel also provides free parking service

It features a fitness center, indoor pool, sauna, and it holds free sports events.

This hotel is approximately 30 km from King Khalid Airport, and 10 km from Al Nakheel Mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

This hotel was rated very good as one of the distinctive hotels of Al Rawda Riyadh

And that is in the staff, location, cleanliness, comfort, facilities and value for money.

Hotel reservation
Hotels with a distinctive and beautiful view in the Al-Rawdhah district of Riyadh

Hotel Tulip kindergarten

The name of this hotel among the hotels in the Al-Rawdha district of Riyadh suggests the beauty of design, and it is really a great choice for people interested in high-end markets and restaurants.

All accommodations at Tulip Al Rawdah feature air conditioning, as well as modern furniture and decor. The apartments have a fully equipped kitchen.

To drive to King Khalid Airport, you will have to drive a car for 35 minutes.

You can also reach Al Bilad Mall Resort in 10 minutes on foot.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

This hotel was rated well in both staff, location, cleanliness, amenities and convenience.

Hotel reservation
Tulip Hotel Apartments is one of the most beautiful hotels in Al-Rawdhah neighborhood in Riyadh

Gwena Castle Riyadh

This hotel, which is considered one of the most important hotels in Al-Rawdhah district, Riyadh, offers free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour front desk.

The rooms in the hotel are elegantly furnished and beautifully designed, and the building generally dominates the newness of the building.

The hotel offers family rooms and one-bedroom apartments, and includes parking and free internet.

This hotel is 27 km from King Khalid Airport. You can also visit King Fahd Stadium or take a walk in Qasr Al-Murabba if you travel 10 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

This hotel was rated good and ranked among the best in the Riyadh Hotels neighborhood list

And that is in both the staff, the location, the cleanliness, and the comfort.

Hotel reservation
Gwynna Castle Riyadh is one of the best hotels in Al-Rawdhah neighborhood in Riyadh

Why is the Al-Rawdhah neighborhood in Riyadh the best option for many?

Tourists often search for an area near the parks, restaurants and shores they want to enjoy to enjoy their trip, this is what distinguishes the stay in hotels in the neighborhood of Riyadh

What is the best hotel in Riyadh?

Prepare Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel Best hotel in the Riyadh neighborhood of Al-Rawda, with a rating of 8.5

What are the best hotels in Ar Rawdah, Riyadh for families?

Both are Nilufer Hotel Al-Wardah And West Western Plus Forsan hotels And Gwena Castle Riyadh One of the hotels that is suitable for families to provide family rooms and connecting rooms.

What is the average price of Al-Rawda hotels in Riyadh for one night?

The cost of one-night accommodation in Al-Rawda hotels in Riyadh ranges from $ 40 to $ 150, and prices vary depending on room type and season.

What are the best hotels in Al-Rawda, Riyadh, near the airport?

Considered Tulip Al Rawda Hotel And Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel From the nearest hotels in Al-Rawda district, Riyadh to the airport.

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