Hurghada is one of the attractive coastal cities overlooking the Red Sea. As for El Gouna resort, it is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Hurghada, and one of the most prominent areas that visitors visit for the purpose of tourism and a recreational vacation, it is characterized by a wonderful tourist location between the picturesque beaches and a group of modern islands that have been implemented within projects The development of El Gouna contributed to the prosperity of tourism in Hurghada.

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The best resorts in El Gouna, Hurghada

We collected for you the best resorts of El Gouna, which is an important part of Hurghada hotels, and one of the most famous tourist hotels in Egypt, in order to help you choose the best place to stay during your visit.

Steigenberger El Gouna Hotel

Steigenberger El Gouna Hotel is one of the best 5-star El Gouna resorts, and is located in a great location on the El Gouna Lagoon.

The resort offers a full-service spa for visitors, as well as a fitness center and sauna rooms.

It also has an outdoor pool with a terrace equipped with deck chairs.

Hurghada El Gouna Resort Steigenberger is 38 km from Hurghada International Airport, and near Abu Amer Market is 2.1 km away.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Hurghada resort El Gouna resort Steigenberger has received very good reviews in:

Location, cleanliness, staff style, facilities available, and value for money.

Hotel reservation
The signature resort resort El Gouna, Steigenberger, has received very good reviews from its visitors.

Movenpick Hotel El Gouna

Movenpick Hotel El Gouna is one of the five-star resort and hotels of El Gouna Resort in Egypt, located on the beach and offers panoramic views of the Red Sea.

The hotel has a lake-shaped pool surrounded by palm trees, it also has a spa, massage and fitness center, and offers various water activities such as snorkeling, diving and surfing.

Movenpick Resort Hurghada El Gouna is 40 km from Hurghada Airport and 3.2 km from El Gouna Golf Course.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got very good reviews for the excellent location, cleanliness in the rooms, facilities available, and value for money.

Some visitors commented on the noise due to insufficient sound insulation, and some indicated the lack of variety of food items.

Hotel reservation
Movenpick El Gouna Resort is one of the best resorts offering stunning views

Sheraton Miramar El Gouna Resort

Sheraton Miramar Resort is one of the best 5-star El Gouna resort in the center of El Gouna, and offers stunning beach views.

It is built on 9 extensive islands connected by paths and gardens, and offers several water activities such as diving and surfing. It features a fully equipped fitness center, as well as spa and massage facilities.

El Gouna Sheraton Miramar Resort is 40 km from Hurghada International Airport and 3.1 km from Golf Course.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Juna Egypt Sheraton Miramar Resort has received great reviews for:

Exceptional location, cleanliness, amenities and facilities for guests, and staff style.

Some have complained about the level of furniture in the rooms as it is not suitable for a 5-star hotel and needs to be renewed.

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Hurghada resort El Gouna, Sheraton Miramar is one of the distinctive resorts

La Maison Blue El Gouna

La Maison Blue Hotel is one of the best resorts and five-star hotels in El Gouna Resort, Egypt and Hurghada.

The resort includes a private beach area, and offers stunning views. It also includes a health and spa center, sauna and massage rooms, and features a Turkish bath.

El Gouna Resort La Maison Blue is 41 km from Hurghada International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received excellent reviews on site, facilities available, staff style, and value for money.

Hotel reservation
El Gouna Resort La Maison Blue provides a variety of leisure facilities

What is the best resort in El Gouna for families?

The following resorts have received great reviews from families: Steigenberger El Gouna Resort, Sheraton Miramar Resort , Movenpick Resort El Gouna .

What are the best and cheapest resorts of El Gouna according to the opinion of Arab visitors?

The following resorts are distinguished by their affordable prices and high-end services according to the reviews of their Arab visitors: Movenpick Resort El Gouna, Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna .

What are the best El Gouna resorts with water games?

Movenpick El Gouna Hurghada, Sheraton Miramar One of the best resorts resorts in El Gouna, Egypt, which provides distinctive water games and has received good reviews in this regard.

What are the best resorts of El Gouna overlooking the sea?

Movenpick El Gouna Hurghada, La Maison Bleu , Sheraton Miramar Each has beautiful sea views

What is the average cost of a stay in Hurghada’s El Gouna resort per night?

The cost of stay in one of El Gouna’s resorts ranges between $ 100 and $ 400, and the price varies according to the period of the year.

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