The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting

المسافرون العرب

Abha, nicknamed the Lady of Fog, the bride of the mountain, and Bahia also, this city enriches with charming views and amazing nature, extending green mountains and plains on its lands, as well as a number of old heritage buildings, including the Ottoman Bridge, Shamsan Castle, and many others.
Abha has a prominent place, if it is considered the most important in the level of the Asir region as a whole, and it is also one of the most attractive cities for tourists due to the mild climate and its height above sea level, which made it one of the important tourism cities in Saudi Arabia.

Best hotels in Abha

The city of Abha includes a distinguished list of Saudi hotels, which contain elegant rooms and suites with modern facilities, and high-end services, in addition to the most beautiful views of the city with a charming nature, and below we will display a selection of the best hotels in Abha, according to the opinions and assessments of Western visitors ..read more

The most famous malls of Abha

One of the most beautiful shopping places in Abha is the distinguished collection of the wonderful Abha malls, which includes among the corridors many of the requirements of family members, starting from the latest international fashion lines in all of the clothes, leather goods, to the home decorations and luxurious antiques, and here are some details about The best malls in the selected Abha.

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Aseer Mall Complex

One of the most beautiful malls of Abha and what distinguishes it is its unique location in the lively area on the airport road, Asir Mall consists of two floors to bring more than 226 exhibitions between clothing brands with international brands and other local ones carrying more elegance of the city and its ancient heritage.
The Aseer complex includes a distinguished group of diverse restaurants that satisfy the different tastes of its patrons, and many other facilities that provide the convenience of luxury for the complex’s visitors .. Read more
The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting - The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting

Al Rashed Mall Complex

It is one of the largest and most luxurious malls of Abha and the most famous, characterized by the splendor of its elegant design, which is considered one of the tourist and leisure destinations in the city, Al-Rashed includes all the famous names around the world of clothing, shoes, and accessories, in addition to antiques and jewelry galleries.
The Al-Rashid Mall also includes a large number of international restaurants and others that provide delicious local meals, as well as cafes between the global and local .. Read more
1581362022 27 The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting - The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting

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Abha Mall

Abha Mall is one of the most important malls of Abha, which is considered the first commercial mall in the city, as it enjoys a wonderful location in the heart of Abha, and it features a building that is inspired by the authentic heritage of this region, it includes many shops that serve all the family members of various products, elegant accessories, and hardware exhibitions It also includes a children’s amusement park, car park, and sophisticated hotel suites … Read more

1581362022 343 The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting - The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting

Rihanna Mall

Rihanna Mall is one of the finest malls of Abha, which consists of four floors, which is located on King Abdul Aziz Road, and is one of the most recent shopping centers in the city, and one of the most important marketing and entertainment destinations that many destinations within and outside the city, as it includes more than 80 stores with modern brand names The famous around the world that accepts all its patrons.
Rihanna Mall includes a distinctive lounge containing different restaurants that provide the best quality food with the best service, luxurious cafes, and a hypermarket that contains many of the daily needs of the family.
times of work
All days of the week from 10:00 AM to 23:00 PM.
On Friday, it operates from 15:00 p.m. to 23:30 p.m.
1581362022 735 The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting - The 4 most famous malls of Abha we recommend visiting

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