Medina Azahara is one of the prominent places of tourism in Spain, especially in the city of Cordoba, which is the remains of an ancient Andalusian city built by Caliph Abd al-Rahman al-Nasser, and some ruins that introduce you to the architecture of this era still exist today.
The city of Al-Zahra was built at the foot of a mountain and was the seat of the caliphate at the time.

The city of Zahra, Córdoba

Things to do in Zahra, Córdoba

As the ruins of the city are divided into three groups, you can start by visiting the first group, which are the ruins of the caliph’s palace and the caliphate of the caliph.

The city of Zahra, Córdoba

• As for the second section, it includes the ruins of the guard houses and the entourage, such as the houses of the soldiers, the eastern army corridor, and other landmarks that were discovered over various years.

The city of Zahra, Córdoba

• Going to the third section, you will meet the most important trace that was discovered in the city of Zahra, which is the Ambassadors’ Hall as it was called, and was intended to receive kings and ambassadors from all over the world.

The city of Zahra, Córdoba

• One of the important landmarks that you should look at is the ruins of the Jami Mosque, which was an important part of the city of Al-Zahraa earlier.

The city of Zahra in Cordoba

You also have to go through the Zahra City Museum, which is the museum that was opened in 2009 and includes a number of artifacts that have been found in the city in addition to providing and displaying some information about the city of Zahra through Cordoba through this museum.

The city of Zahra, Cordoba

Visit times:

Everyday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Hotels near the city of Al-Zahra Cordoba

Hospice Palacio del Baileo, a 5-star hotel in Spain, Cordoba, is 7.9 km from the city of Al-Zahra.
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Eurostars Palace, a 5-star hotel in Cordoba, is 7.2 km from the city of Al-Zahra.
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The city of Zahra, Cordoba site

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