Tourist holidays in Barcelona are famous for visiting historical arenas, buildings and cathedrals, including elegant Barcelona hotels dating back to the European Renaissance period. They offer refined accommodation and modern integrated facilities at varying prices to suit different budgets.

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The opposite of what city hotels impose in most of the world’s tourist countries, especially the main ones
From the high costs of a stay, Barcelona city-center hotels offer multiple options for accommodation
And different levels of services and prices.

Throughout our article, we present to you a variety of the best hotels classified as one of the best tourist hotels in Spain.

Best city center Barcelona hotels

The Central District of Barcelona includes in its historical neighborhoods a number of economical hotel apartments, ideal for individuals and families, such as:

Fontanella R. Troms

Of Barcelona’s hotels in the economic city center, which is located inside a historical building near the attractions, shops, restaurants and metro stations, and provides simple and elegant modern units, with a tour desk, internet services, parking and airport transfers.

This guest house is 4 minutes’ walk from the famous Plaza Catalunya and 15 km from Barcelona International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a very good general rating, while the site excelled and received an excellent rating, facilities and prices got a good rating.

Hotel reservation
Barcelona city center hotels are close to attractions

Bonavista Apartments – Badrera

One of Barcelona’s finest self-catering hotels that offer spacious, elegant and equipped units overlooking the city and its most famous landmarks, with bicycle and car rental and description services, free internet and airport transfers.

The building is a 5-minute walk from Lapedra Building, and 14.2 km from Barcelona International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The guests praised the building and rated it as a wonderful evaluation, as the site and the staff received the highest rating and it is excellent, while the other elements got a very good evaluation except for the internet services that got good.

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A report on the best Barcelona hotels that include elegant rooms

Barcelonaonvest Apartments

The finest Barcelona city center hotels by
It offers modern and equipped modern units close to sights and shopping centers
Home, with internet, heating and luggage storage services.

The building on Paseo de Gracia Street is 3.3 km from Arc de Triomphe and 12.3 km from Barcelona International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments got a very good rating thanks to the website, internet services, cleanliness, while the prices got a good evaluation.

Hotel reservation
Looking for a sophisticated hotel close to the sights of Barcelona, ​​here are the best hotels in Barcelona downtown

Suizo Hotel

One of the best Barcelona city center hotels that offer spacious, equipped units close to the most famous sights, with hiking trails, nearby beaches, facilities for people with special needs, internet services, luggage storage and cleaning of clothes.

The building is located in the historic Gothic Quarter, 3 minutes’ walk from Barcelona Cathedral and 14.3 km from Barcelona International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments received a very good overall rating except for the excellent rated site, and the facilities were rated well.

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A detailed report on the best Barcelona hotels near the most important tourist attractions in Spain

AG Apartments

One of the oldest hotels in Spain Barcelona located inside a renovated historical building and spacious units that combine modern and classic styles, with a photo gallery, organized tours, sunbathing, tickets for nearby public transport, bike rental, free internet.

The apartments are located in Willy Seck, 2 km from Plaza Espanya and 14 km from Barcelona International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel building was appreciated by the guests who valued it with a great evaluation, as the staff got an excellent evaluation, while other elements such as services, facilities and the site got a very good evaluation.

Hotel reservation
A report featuring the best Barcelona city center luxury hotels, which includes high-end accommodations

Why is the central Barcelona area the perfect choice for many?

Barcelona city-center hotels enjoy the following:
An ideal location for sights and entertainment arenas.
Proximity to shopping centers, stores, restaurants, cafes and service centers.
The region’s hotels offer a high standard of services, hotels and good prices.

What are the best hotels in downtown Barcelona?

Bonavista Apartments – Badrera , AG Apartments , Barcelona’s best hotel in the city center, for getting a great evaluation with its ideal location and classy services.

What are the best downtown Barcelona hotels for families?

All apartments mentioned throughout the article are ideal for families, each of which has the advantage of making vacation and residence more enjoyable, as most of them are close to tourist attractions and means of transportation, including what is close to shops and beaches, and some of which offer rental bikes, organized tourist tours and sun terraces.

How much does it cost to stay in Barcelona city center hotels for one night?

The cost of accommodation in downtown Barcelona hotels per night for two people ranges between $ 128- $ 178, and varies with the season, apartment capacity and reservation policies.

What are the best hotels in Barcelona located in the city center and close to the airport?

Prepare Barcelonaonvest Apartments It is the closest to the airport.

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