Algeria is classified in the field of tourism as one of the most beautiful in the Arab world, as it possesses all the ingredients of beauty and historical and archaeological monuments, as well as many high-end markets, and the most beautiful gardens and parks that added to it a special charm, in addition to its beaches, which are among the most important tourism destinations in Algeria
We will get to know the wonderful beaches of Algeria, which come to many tourists around the world for fun and recreation.

Best hotels in Algeria

Algeria includes a long chain of distinguished hotels, some of which are located in the heart of the city near the tourist attractions, and those hotels vary in services and prices that they provide to the visitor, here is a group of the most luxurious hotels of Algeria according to the assessments of previous Arab visitors .. Read more

The most beautiful beaches of Algeria

Not to mention that Algeria has a unique location and wonderful view that blends with the amazing nature, green spaces and rare landmarks, in addition to all of this a group of the most beautiful beaches in Algeria that carry all the meanings of excellence and beauty, we will get to know them in the following lines.

Beach Palace

The beach of the palace is one of the most beautiful beaches of Algeria, where the sand is soft. Meals with friends are among the breathtaking nature.

The most beautiful beaches in Algeria

Palm Beach

It is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Algeria and one of its tourist attractions, where many visitors come to it every year, as it is characterized by its amazing views and wonderful palm trees that give it beauty, in addition to the interesting activities that are held on its sands, including playing volleyball or surfing and training Football team of friends.

Beaches in Algeria

The big beach

The big beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Algeria. You will not believe the virgin nature that you see in its full glory in the big beach. It is one of the best beaches of Algeria and includes many aspects of recreational activities that young people love. It is characterized by clear blue waters, which makes you enjoy the best times and water sports, including swimming. Snorkeling and seeing fish of all kinds and colors. You can also ride boats in the waters between the arms of the big beach.

The most beautiful beaches in Algeria

Wade Baby Beach

It is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Algeria and the eastern coast, where it receives thousands of tourists during the summer season to enjoy seeing the stunning scenery that combines the sea and forests and draws the most beautiful rare artwork. The place increased the beauty of clear waters that give you an opportunity to see the wonderful shells and stones under the beautiful blue waters.

Beaches in Algeria

Jinan Bay Beach

Breathtaking nature is found in the beach of Jinan El Bey in Annaba, the most beautiful beach in Algeria, where the beach is characterized by beautiful paths and wild nature, and for diving enthusiasts you can see the other world under clear blue waters, and above its sands all kinds of sports can be practiced, including walking on the soft sand, Besides, you can practice all recreational activities such as windsurfing and canoeing along the beach.

Beaches of Algeria

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