Izmir is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities located on the charming Aegean coast, as it is considered one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey at all, whether from the economic side, or from the tourism and entertainment side.
There are a large number of tourist attractions in Izmir, important historical and cultural attractions, such as museums, mosques and parks, next to a large number of the most important beaches in southern Turkey.

Best hotels in Izmir

Due to its important tourism and entertainment position in Turkey, Izmir city includes a group of the best hotels in Turkey, where these hotels vary in the services they provide, prices, views and room areas to suit all tastes, and also includes very luxurious accommodation units equipped with the latest capabilities that visitors may need … read more
Izmir beaches

Izmir beaches

Izmir has a group of charming beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea, which you can enjoy during the tour of Izmir

Beach Club Fun

The Fun Club Beach is one of the most important and best beaches of Izmir and most popular by visitors to the city, especially in the last ten years, has wonderful golden sand suitable for a large number of activities, and spread along the beach a large number of seats dedicated to relaxation and umbrellas. The beach offers a large number of water activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, windsurfing, fishing as well as snorkeling and enjoying coral reef watching.
Along the beach there are two restaurants serving a variety of meals in addition to cafes and bars serving hot and cold drinks, alongside a water sports center at the beach. At night, a number of recreational parties and barbecues are held at the Fun Club beach.

Beaches in Izmir

Perlanta Izmir Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Izmir, where it is characterized by the cleanliness of its water and white sand. The beach also has a large number of enjoyable activities such as riding in yachts and enjoying watching the sunset. The beach is also less crowded than other beaches in Izmir so it is very suitable for calm and relaxing lovers.
The beach is surrounded by a group of sandy hills that give it more beauty and a scenic landscape. The beach climate is a little cold but sunny most of the time. The beach is a few kilometers from Farmville, Izmir.

Beaches of Izmir

Ekmexies Beach

This beach is also one of the wonderful and distinctive beaches of Izmir, characterized by its wonderful turquoise waters that you can easily see the marine life through, the beach is characterized by calm as few tourists know this beach, so it is also very suitable for all lovers of calm or for couples in particular.
The beach offers locker rooms with a café serving hot and cold drinks.

Izmir Turkey beaches

Akum Izmir Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Izmir ever and it boasts a wonderful infrastructure with colorful wooden stairs, adding more fun and excitement to your day inside the beach. The beach is distinguished by its clear waters and golden sands. A large number of relaxation seats spread along the beach along with huge umbrellas.
You can get your favorite drink, whether hot or cold, from the beach café. There is also a restaurant that offers some snacks and pastries as well as ice cream carts spread along the beach.

The beaches of Izmir, Turkey

Yasika Adasi Izmir Beach

Is the main beach of the famous Yasika Adasi Island in Izmir, and with the island is one of the most important tourist attractions in Izmir and the most important beaches of Izmir at all, the beach extends 400 meters on the coast of the uninhabited island, the beach includes a newly added dock in addition to a restaurant that offers a variety of The dishes.
You can reach the beach and the island after taking an hour in the sea with the help of one of the ferries from Izmir. As for talking about the beach water, there was no embarrassment, as it is one of the most pure beach water in Izmir, and there are a number of recreational water games that suit adults and children.

Beaches in Izmir

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