Dahab is a charming city that possesses all facets of beauty and luxury. Dahab has great historical importance throughout the ages. It was an ancient ancient sea port and included the ancient archaeological area and amazing natural reserves, which made it one of the most important tourism cities in Egypt.
Dahab also has beaches of amazing nature, between clear blue waters, and golden sands that were named after the city in relation to their color, in addition to the calm and serenity of its atmosphere, thus creating the most beautiful tourist attractions in Dahab.

Best of Dahab hotels

The city of Dahab has a distinguished group of hotels that provide the finest views across the city, and also guarantees to its guests the finest fully equipped accommodations and provides the best services, and below we will present a selection list of the best hotels of Dahab, based on the opinions and assessments of Arab visitors .. Read more

The most famous beaches of Dahab

The amazing beaches of Dahab that made this wonderful city a destination for tourists all year round, to enjoy swimming, water sports, and getting the most pleasure with their stunning views. There are also many beaches of Dahab restaurants that offer the most delicious cuisine, and in the next we will mention a distinguished elite of the best beaches In Dahab.

Blue Hole Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Dahab, which was formed by an amazing natural phenomenon, when a comet falls from the sky to create a deep blue hole, the nature that you will not see your eyes like.
The Bluehole also offers many activities, all you have to do is wear diving suits to explore the nature created by the sky in the depths of the seas, you can also do camel rides, have fun barbecues, participate in safaris and enjoy the authentic Bedouin atmosphere.

Dahab beaches

Canyon Beach

Among the most famous beaches of Dahab, it is considered a natural reserve by land and sea, because it owns the amazing colorful mountains that surround the beach. As for the beauty of the water of the canyon, there is a cave within the sea depth of 52 meters, which includes fish swarms of amazing colors.
This beach is the perfect choice for adventure lovers to experience an enjoyable and interesting experience while watching the rare aquatic life and the coral reefs that God has loved unparalleled beauty.

Dahab beaches

Lagoon Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Dahab, which is characterized by its wonderful walk on the sandy tongue extending the heart of the sea, you can go hiking in an incomparable view of another place and magic that the words do not describe, in addition to the wonderful diving sites.
The beach is characterized by many enjoyable activities such as quiet swimming, surfing, and it is a great place for camping, in addition to the scuba diving sport that adventurers and explorers love, so this beach gives them a great opportunity to discover the secrets of nature in the depths.

Beaches in Dahab

El Garden Beach

El Garden is one of the beaches of Dahab, extravagant and beautiful, which presents an exciting artistic painting in its exquisite nature, it is a favorite for diving enthusiasts and observing the countless squadrons of wonderful colorful fish covering the seabed in large groups harmoniously with each other.
It also includes exciting water sports that stimulate the spirit of adventure for taking part in coffee flying with Parachute on a fun air tour, or water skiing, surfing, and everyone’s favorite is the fun swimming in the picturesque nature.

Dahab beaches

Dahab public beach

The beach is considered the most popular among the distinctive beaches of Dahab, where it abounds with movement and joy all the time, and if you love calmness then we do not recommend this vital beach, which has the most beautiful views.
You can enjoy its golden sands either by walking along the beach or having a distinctive sunbath. You can immerse your body in the heart of warm waters with a calm swimming pool. It also includes fun water games.

Dahab beaches

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