The Corniche, Taiba Al-Jubail Corniche is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Al-Jubail, where it overlooks the beach. It is characterized by the presence of many facilities and services available to passers-by, local residents and tourists.
The Corniche is one of the most important exits for city residents, especially at night in the summer.
The Corniche is located in the village of Mahalat Taibah, and it is also near the secondary village of Umm Al-Qura, and this corniche is one of the most recent places that were opened recently in the city of Jubail.

Corniche, a good neighborhood Jubail in Saudi Arabia

The most important activities that can be done in the corniche of Mahalla, Taiba Al-Jubail

• You can take your family and go to that corniche for walks and sit on benches under large sun umbrellas to enjoy the view of the sea waves. You can also bring some food for breakfast in front of the sea and spend a fun day.

Corniche, good neighborhood Jubail

• You can take the bicycles of your children so that they can play in complete safety, as there are places designated for them away from the motorway.

Corniche, a good locality in Jubail

• Enjoying the sport of hiking on the Corniche of Taiba Al-Jubail, but we advise you to walk near the seashore after sunset so as not to be hurt by the burning sun.
Bring your own barbeque grill and enjoy the great taste of seafood grilled food.

Corniche good locality Jubail

• There are many restaurants that offer great lunches, as well as local meals and oriental sweets. This Corniche has fresh water facilities and toilets scattered throughout.
• You can take some memorial photos in this amazing place. And do not worry about your car, as there are dedicated parking spaces in the corniche of the locality of Taiba Al-Jubail, of large sizes, and do not impede traffic.

Corniche, good locality, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Hotels near Corniche Mahata Al Jubail Corniche

Quality Hotel Sas Al Jubail is one of the best hotels in Al Jubail. The hotel is just 2.9 km from the Corniche of Mahalla Taibah and 1.5 km from Al Fanateer Beach.
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Sas Al Jubail Hotel gets good reviews on amenities, facilities, staff, cleanliness, and got great reviews on site.
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Lavona Hotel is one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia in Jubail, 22.6 km from the Corniche of Taiba, and the hotel is near a group of tourist places.
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Lavona Hotel is rated excellent by staff, great reviews on site, cleanliness, facilities.
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The location of the Corniche, good area on the map

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