Genting Highland Amusement Park is magnificent as it was established at the highest peak of Genting Highlands in Malaysia at a height of 2000 meters above sea level.
Genting Highland is one of the most important tourist places in Malaysia, it is an integrated theme park that includes games for both young and old, one hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

Genting Highland, Malaysia

Things to do in Genting Highland, Malaysia:

• In order to reach the genting amusement park, you can climb the cable car to the highest peak of Genting Highlands, where the theme park is.

• By arriving at Genting Highland amusement parks, you will find many fun games full of fun and excitement. One of the most important games is the space rocket game, which quickly launches you to the highest peaks in the amusement park, where it gives you the opportunity to see the amusement parks and parts of the Genting Highlands, and then lands you with great speed. If you are a fan Thriller games have to be tried.

Genting Highland, Malaysia

• Another interesting game in Genting Highland amusement park is the Mines Express and the Hanging Train, which runs at a rocket speed for thrill lovers only.

Genting Highland, Malaysia

• It is also distinctive within the city of Genting Highland amusement that there are a number of games named after places in certain countries such as Italy, England and Switzerland, and there are small embodiments of famous places in these countries such as Venice, Italy, the mountains of Switzerland in Switzerland and the Eiffel Tower

Genting Highland, Malaysia

• You can also enjoy the water games of embodying the city of Venice, such as water bikes and water boats, and skiing in the embodiment of the mountains of Switzerland if you love these games.
To complete your exciting journey to Genting Highland, you will find a number of popular fast food restaurants that you can use.


From Monday to Friday, from ten in the morning until six in the evening.
On Sundays and Saturdays, from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

Entry prices:

For adults: 66 ringgit.
For children: 33 ringgit.

Genting Highland, Malaysia Hotels – Malaysia:

Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, a 5-star Genting Highland Malaysia hotel, is 1.1 km from Genting Highland Games City.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel:
Most of the Arab visitors rated it well for its location and cleanliness. Some mentioned a lack of services and a lack of variety in breakfast.
Hotel reservation
Colmar Tropical – Berjaya Hills, a 4-star hotel in Malaysia, away from Genting Highland Theme Park 6.1 km.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel:
Most of the Arab visitors gave it a good evaluation of the site and its design, some mentioned cleanliness problems.
Hotel reservation

Genting Highland Theme Park

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