The Najran Fountain is one of the best tourist attractions in Najran, it was created with the purpose of simulating dancing fountains around the world like its counterpart in Dubai and the other in Las Vegas, the fountain is located in King Saud Park within the Al Fahd neighborhood, which is one of the tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.
Since its opening, the fountain has received a large number of visitors who wish to see new activities different from the Saudi society, the fountain is distinguished by the fact that it brings together a number of wonderful colors, and the music that serves the fountain has a great oriental character, in addition to the various national and religious songs that have their share of paragraphs Fun fountain.
The fountain consists of five rings of water with a main ring in between, these rings are able to raise water high in the open air, especially the main water ring, providing easy to see these wonderful colors and water scattered from far distances around the fountain and outside the King Saud Park.

Najran Fountain

The best activities in the Najran Dancing Fountain

• The best thing that you can do when visiting the Najran Fountain is to enjoy the distinctive musical show accompanied by family and friends, the picturesque fountain colors and the growing musical notes will add more fun and entertainment to your visit to it.

Najran dancing fountain

• King Saud Park in Najran, in which the fountain is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the city of Najran, you can take a wide tour inside the park and enjoy walking in it.

Saudi Najran Fountain
• You can also rent a bicycle and enjoy an extensive tour of King Saud Park and around the Dancing Fountain.

Najran dancer Saudi fountain
• Enjoy your favorite drink, whether hot or cold, from the cafes spread around the fountain. You can also get delicious ice cream for you and your children. You can also bring after delicious sandwiches or pastries.

Najran Fountain, Saudi Arabia
• You can let your children enjoy a special match in soccer, or any other recreational game inside King Saud Park, this atmosphere will add to your tour inside more fun and entertainment.

• Make sure to take an appropriate number of memorial photos next to the dancing fountain.

Visit times

All days of the week from 20:00 pm until 24:00 am.

Hotels near the Najran Dancing Fountain

Golden Suite Hotel Apartments is one of the best hotels in Najran, a 6-minute walk from the Dancing Fountain.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The aparthotel was rated well for both staff, location and breakfast.

The Lotus Hotel is a 4-star rating from the best Saudi hotel, a 7-minute walk from the Najran Fountain.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel rated excellent for both location, cleanliness, comfort and staff.

Najran dancing fountain site

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