Dogum Mountain is located in the crossbar area of ​​Jizan Saudi Arabia. It is a flat rock formations that accumulate on top of each other within an easy area. Haunted by gin and imps.
The mountain is one of the controversial landmarks in Jazan, and a special destination for fans of adventure and mountain climbing, and it overlooks the Mushrif Valley, one of the prominent tourist places in Saudi Arabia, and it is considered a heritage of Jizan heritage, and includes many caves whose entrances take the form of doors, and it is said that Contains many types of precious stones.

Duqm Mountain

Activities you can do in Jabal Duqm

• First you can enjoy one of the periodic safari trips that take less than an hour, and start towards Jabal Duqm from Jazan.

• When you get to the mountain area, wander around it and take some pictures of its rock formations that look with the sunlight like shiny gold.

• If you are a fan of mountain climbing, you should know that Mount Duqm is one of the best opportunities to enjoy practicing your favorite hobby.

Duqm Mountain, Jazan

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, you must take some memorial panoramas of the wonderful nature surrounding it.

Don’t forget to visit some of the caves that the mountain hosts, and you may be lucky to find some of the gems that are famous for.

End your trip with Wadi Musharraf, a 20-minute drive from Jabal Duqm, which includes amazing fountains and rock formations.

Jabal Duqm in Jazan

Top hotels near Jabal Duqm

There are no hotels near Mount Duqm, but you can find the best hotels in Jazan that you can stay with through the following report .. Read more

The site of Jabal Duqm on Google Map

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