The city of Taif is one of the tourism cities in Saudi Arabia, which has a special nature that made it a destination for nature lovers and its beauty, as Taif is located on the Sarawat Mountains, providing a wonderful environment with a moderate climate that attracts visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Best hotels in Taif

As Taif enjoys special features that made it a place of pilgrimage for tourists, it is only natural that the city is prepared to receive its visitors with a number of wonderful hotels, which are considered one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia in terms of views, facilities and services .. Read more

Taif Amusement Park

The best amusement parks in Taif

And among the famous tourist attractions of Taif are the amusement parks that offer its visitors an opportunity to enjoy and have fun, whether for adults or children. Below we review with you a number of the best clubs in the city of Taif.

Rawabi Land Theme Park

Rawabi Land Park is considered one of the best amusement parks in Taif, because of its various entertainment facilities. Around them and breathing the fresh air of the city of Taif.
Rawabi has all the necessary amenities, such as toilets, and stalls selling food and soft drinks.

Saudi Taif Amusement Park

Al-Baijan Resort and Park

Al Baijan Park and Resort is one of the best amusement parks in Taif, as it is not just a regular park, it is a complete entertainment place for the whole family.

Al-Baijan Park includes a number of interesting games, some of which are for adults and others for children. One of the most famous games that is suitable for both adults and children is the wheel game that allows its passengers to enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Taif from above.
The park has a number of lounges where visitors can catch their breath while eating a meal through the kiosks that provide meals and light drinks. Visitors can also attend one of the festivals held by the park in which children find a special pleasure.
The most important thing about Al Baijan is the rooms and tents that can be rented per night, which is a great opportunity to enjoy more all the facilities of the park and spend a full day or more fun.

Taif amusement park in Saudi Arabia

Alhokair Luna Park

The city of Taif includes the famous Al Hokair Theme Park under the name of AL Hokair Luna Park, which is one of the best amusement parks in Taif, as it includes a large number of the fun games for children.
As Al Hokair Luna Park is an integrated park, it contains a restaurant complex that includes about 30 diversified restaurants that you can choose from for your lunch.
Everyday from 4:00 pm until 12:00 midnight.

The best amusement parks in Taif

Water park in Taif

The water park in Taif Al Kur Amusement Park is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Taif, as the park provides you with a full journey of fun and entertainment that starts with the cable car through which you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Taif from above.
And in the garden you can enjoy swimming in the fun swimming pools provided by the garden and then add more excitement through wonderful water games, and you can also enjoy the interesting games provided by the garden for adults and children.
Finally, you can enjoy the game of Tobajan, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the exciting driving between the winding paths of Wadi Numan mountain.
Everyday from 1:30 pm until 8:30 pm

Water park in Taif

King Fahd Theme Park

One of the best parks in Taif is King Fahd Amusement Park, which includes a number of interesting games for children and adults alike, as it includes kiosks specialized in selling many different products, and includes breaks along the beautiful lake located inside the park, and there are also a number Of the stalls selling snacks and soft drinks.
Daily, 24 hours.

The famous Taif Amusement Park

Green Mountain Park

One of the best and most beautiful amusement parks in Taif, surrounded by nature, Green Mountain Resort includes a number of fun games for adults and children, along with fountains, lakes and artificial waterfalls, which can be enjoyed sitting beside them.
The park also provides Tobajan game, electronic games and theatrical and acrobatic performances. There is also a large tent that includes many kiosks specialized in selling distinctive local products.
Everyday from 3:00 pm until 2:00 after midnight.

The most beautiful theme park in Taif

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