The Emirate of Al-Qassim is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Kingdom, which attract visitors to it, whether from its residents or from outside it, as it includes famous and distinctive monuments, because of its rich cultural and historical heritage.

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The best Qassim hotels

The city of Al-Qassim includes a wonderful group of hotels that have views over the amazing city. We will display a list of the best hotels in Al-Qassim based on the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Tourism in Al-Qassim city

The best tourist places in Al-Qassim

The city of Al-Qassim, which enjoys all facets of beauty and distinction, you will find a lot of enjoyment and entertainment while you are inside one of the amusement parks, or museums of great historical value, as well as distinguished shopping centers, you are free to choose the best.

Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al-Qassim Park

Prince Faisal Garden is the largest tourist destination in Al Qassim, as it is characterized by vast areas of green areas that cover it in the best views, and also includes distinguished events in public events and holidays.
The park also includes a hiking track, children’s play area, as well as kiosks that provide visitors with a wide variety of products, fast food, and entertainment.

Tourist places in Al-Qassim

Garden Tennis Reserve for Birds in Al-Qassim

The best features of the Emirate of Al-Qassim and the largest natural reserve for ornamental birds in the Kingdom, with 500 birds and 40 species, and is one of the most tourist attractions in the city, Enjoy a unique experience and a distinct time between the types of birds in their delightful colors surrounded by trees and wonderful green spaces.

Emirate of Al-Qassim

Jadiah Heritage Castle, Al-Qassim

Jadiah Heritage Castle is one of the most luxurious tourist places in Qassim, which has a total area of ​​6250 square meters, and contains an impressive array of facilities, buildings and heritage rooms, including the Jeddah House, the People’s Market, and the residential heritage houses.
All this is next to the main castle, which is more than 10 meters high, and the mosque, which is a model of heritage mosques.

Tourism in Al-Qassim

Al-Hajeb Park in Qassim

Al-Hajeb Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Al-Qassim located in the city of Unayzah, and it is the largest park in Al-Qassim, with an area of ​​2 million square meters.
It is famous for its distinguished events and dazzling fireworks, and it includes many recreational facilities and services, such as shopping areas, restaurants, and children’s playgrounds.

Tourist places in Qassim

Al-Hamdan Heritage House Museum in Al-Qassim

Among the Hamdan Museum, it is located in the middle of an old farm in Wadi Al Janah, and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Al Qassim. It provides a model for rural houses in the city, and includes many important heritage collections in the history of the region.
The museum is divided into several sections, including the Majlis, the dome, and the Fellaih coffee, as well as the bride’s room, and a courtyard composed of several halls.

Qassim city

Al Bukayriyah Mall in Qassim

One of the most important shopping and tourism centers in Al-Qassim, as it includes many interesting entertainment aspects, among the famous brand-name stores in the world, and a chain of restaurants and cafes.
In addition to the children’s play areas, you will enjoy a marketing and leisure tour that will satisfy all the family members in this special center.

Tourism in the city of Al-Qassim

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