The Promenade des Anglais is one of the most important areas in which the French city of Nice is known and one of the most prominent tourist places in France on the Mediterranean coast

Inglis park in Nice France

Inglis is a promenade that extends along the coast with a length of about 7 kilometers. It is the main outlet for the residents of Nice and tourists alike who go to for recreation and enjoy the beauty of the sea view there
The Angeles park in Nice includes all the ingredients that make it an ideal place for picnics, as it includes gardens, beaches, the finest restaurants and many recreational places

Things to do in Angeles Park

• Walk with family or friends and enjoy the beauty of the sea view provided by the corniche and sit on one of the seats spread along the sidewalk

Angeles park in Nice, France

• Choose one of the restaurants located along the coast that offer delicious food with beautiful views of the sea, you can also buy food offered by street vendors

Angeles park is one of the best tourist places in Nice

• The Angeles park is an ideal place for hiking or jogging along the coast. You can also ride bicycles and wander on the sidewalk parallel to the sea shore.

Angeles park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the French city of Nice

• You can enjoy a cruise on one of the boats in the place to take you on a tour along the coast, during which you will enjoy a lot of fun. You may wish to practice fishing hobby while you are on the boat or on the beach.
• There are many clean sandy beaches along the sea coast in Angla Park where all services are available, such as cafes, sun loungers and others. You can sit on the beach and enjoy the meditation of the sea or swim in its blue waters.

Angeles park is one of the best places for tourism in France, Nice

• You can visit the Phoenix Garden, which is one of the most important tourist areas in the city of Nice, as it includes a garden for plants and other animals that contain many types, and it is an ideal place for a picnic with family and children.

Angeles Nice Park

• Of course you will not miss the opportunity to take a lot of beautiful photos in this beautiful place to keep them as a reminder of your trip to one of the masterpieces of the cities of France, the city of Nice

Angeles Park Hotels – Los Angeles

Adagio Nice Promenade des Anglais 4 stars among the best French hotels in Nice, located on the beach, near the Angeles park in Nice
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The apartments are rated very good in cleanliness, amenities, comfort, and view.
Hotel reservation
The Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice 4 stars from the best hotels in France, close to the Angeles park in Nice
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated good both in staff, cleanliness, view, and slightly poor service
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The site of Inglis park in Nice

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