The Museum of the Baha Museum is located inside the Raghadan Forest and was opened in 2003 to become one of the most important cultural and monuments in the city of Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia.
The museum aims to show the history of Al-Baha city and its modern heritage to be one of the best tourist places in Al-Baha that attracts a large number of visitors. The Al-Baha Museum reflects the National Museum in its thumbnail.
The museum has been decorated from the outside with some of the modern heritage inscriptions that characterize the city of Al-Baha, and includes many monuments that date back to the Stone Age, and also contains some artifacts that were brought from the museums surrounding the city.

Al-Baha Museum contains some heritage books

The best things to do in the Al-Baha Museum

• You can visit the prehistoric pavilion, which contains some traces of the ancient Stone Age, as it tells about human life in prehistoric times.

Al-Baha Museum is a popular tourist attraction

• You can also visit the pre-Islam pavilion, where everything related to the end of the Stone Age to pre-pre-Islamic times is presented, and it contains some carved stone rocks.

Al-Baha Museum houses the Stone Age heritage

• You can visit the pavilion of the Islamic era, which tells about Islamic history from the beginning of the migration of our master Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – and post-migration periods, as there are some old Islamic charts and currencies.

Al-Baha Museum is one of the best museums in Al-Baha

• You can visit the Heritage Pavilion in Al-Baha, where it displays the heritage of Al-Baha city from the beginning of its construction to its prosperity, and includes many local industries in the city and some women’s clothing.
• You can also visit the wing of the Saudi government in Al-Baha, and this suite explains the period of the city of Al-Baha joining the Saudi era, and the princes who ruled the city from its inception.

Al-Baha Museum is one of the most famous museums in Al-Baha

• The museum contains more than 3000 artifacts, as well as many different types of weapons, some household cookware and some silver jewelry.

Al-Baha Museum displays Islamic heritage

• The Al-Baha Museum houses a Mushaf from 1279 of the Russian Islamic community, and an old measure that works to prevent commercial fraud.

Al-Baha Museum is located in the city of Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia

• It contains some old Ottoman shields, as well as an old armor for Al-Nasr Club, and it includes many swords belonging to many countries.

Al-Baha Museum has swords and shields from ancient times

Opening times within the Al-Baha Museum

Morning period begins at 8:00 in the morning and ends at 14:00 in the afternoon.
Evening period starts at 16:00 pm and ends at 21:00 pm.

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The location of the museum on the map

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