Levent Istanbul Mall or Mitro City Mall Istanbul is one of the most distinguished and sophisticated tourism destinations in Istanbul, and one of the most popular malls in Istanbul, Turkey, which visitors constantly visit to practice shopping in all its aspects.

City Mall Istanbul is located in the Sisli Istanbul area and is considered one of the most important markets of Sisli Istanbul. It was established in the year 2003 AD and it consists of 4 floors connected to a 27-storey skyscraper dedicated to commercial business.

It is also one of the Istanbul complexes that includes the shops for selling the most famous international brands in various products such as clothing, leather products, electronics, home furniture, cosmetics and skin care.

Finally, the last floor of Levent Mall Istanbul consists of several international and local Turkish restaurants that contain the most delicious types of delicious foods and refreshing drinks.

The mall also contains 8 cinemas from the latest cinemas at the level of Turkey, and below we will show you the most important activities that can be carried out within the Metro City complex

Levent Istanbul Mall

Things to do in Levent Mall Istanbul

• When you arrive at the Istanbul Metro Mall, you must take a tour of all the mall floors, to get an adequate idea of ​​the mall’s content, while setting the basic purchasing priorities for you from the mall stores.

Levent Istanbul Mall

• After completing the introductory tour of the mall, you can go to the children’s indoor play area to leave it with the entertainment staff who specialize in making children happy and caring for them to complete the fun shopping trip.

Levent Istanbul Mall

• Lovers of the world of cosmetics and skin care can go to the beauty shop of the Metro City Mall Istanbul, and try the new types of cosmetics, in addition to get some advice from employees of cosmetic advice inside.

Levent Istanbul Mall

• You can take advantage of the continuously selling clothes offers for men, women and children, inside Levent Istanbul Mall, to acquire the latest fashion in the Metro City Mall with friends.

City Mall Istanbul

• You can also go to the beautiful flowers section to get the best types of rare Turkish flower bouquets while taking some souvenir photos in the Metro City Istanbul Mall.

City Mall Istanbul

• When you feel tired and thirsty, you can immediately go to Metro City Istanbul Cafe, which is one of the best classic cafes in the mall, to get refreshing drinks accompanied by the family.

Metro City Istanbul

• You can also take the children of the family to the sweet Turkish sweets and chocolate shop to savor all the distinctive items, while preserving some of them and offering them as souvenirs for relatives.

Istanbul Metro City Mall

• Before the fun and entertaining shopping tour ends at the Metro City Mall in Istanbul, do not forget to buy Turkish halgum sweets made from natural honey, which is one of the first preserved Ottoman sweets to this day.

City Mall Istanbul

• Finally, when you are done with all activities related to shopping in City Mall Istanbul, you must have a fine meal from the famous anadolu m yemekleri restaurant in Istanbul.

Levent Istanbul Mall

• You can also complete your marketing tour by passing through one of the Istanbul malls near the Metro City Mall such as Canyon Mall Istanbul, Profilo Mall Istanbul, Ekmirkiz Mall, Al Safir Tower, or go over the nearby Levent Istanbul area and learn about its features.


Work in Levent Istanbul Mall starts daily from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening, and there is no official holiday for the mall.

Hotels near City Mall Istanbul

Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent: 450 meters. Park Dedeman Hotel Istanbul: 650 meters

Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent is one of the best 5-star hotels in Istanbul. It is 1.1 km from City Mall Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has a great rating thanks to the location, comfort, hygiene, facilities and breakfast.

Hotel reservation

Park Dedeman Hotel Istanbul is one of the best 4-star Istanbul hotels, 800 meters away from the mall.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Park Dedeman Levent Istanbul has received very good ratings in terms of location, services, comfort and staff, but some customers have complained about price.

Levent Istanbul Mall location on the map of Google Map

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