The city of Kaleici Antalya or the old town of Antalya is a small town with deep historical roots and one of the important tourist destinations in important Antalya, Antalya Kaleiçi is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean in the city and enjoys a distinctive and simple coastal nature that smells fragrant of history where the streets, traditional shops and archaeological sites that represent historical periods And different civilization.
During the article, we walk around for a few minutes in the old city of Kaleici to see the most important activities that you can do if you are lucky to visit.

The city of Kaleici Antalya

Things to do in Kaleici, Antalya

• If you love hiking and strolling, perhaps a walking tour between the cobbled streets and alleys of Kaleici, with pictures of its ancient buildings with Byzantine walls, is the best first thing you can do when arriving in the city.

Where is the city of Kaleici located in Antalya

• You can visit and take souvenir photos of the distinctive Ottoman-style mosques and beacons of Kaleici that reflect an authentic part of the city’s culture.

The most beautiful places in the city of Kaleici Antalya

• You can visit the Romen port of Kaleici and enjoy the fresh sea breeze and smart scent before boarding the boat on a quick expedition to Antalya by sea.

Visit the city of Kaleici Antalya in Turkey

• It is interesting that you can have a delicious meal of fish and seafood and then have a traditional Turkish coffee or tea through the port restaurants and cafes or the town’s alleys.

Kaleici Antalya

• You can buy some souvenirs such as antiques, antiques and fashion fashions, with aromatic spices and delicious Turkish sweets from the shops spread in the streets and alleys.

The city of Kaleici Antalya

You can also visit Republic Square, the entertainment square in Kaleici where magicians, musicians and artists known as street artists are spread.

The old town of Antalya

• It is wonderful to let you know the opportunity to attend the daily sound and light show that takes place daily on the field fountains, and from which you can enjoy unforgettable performances on the charming city view.

The city of Kaleici Antalya

• You can visit the Blue Mosque, the decorated minaret, the mausoleum and the Seljuk school which are classified as a group of the most important tourist attractions in Antalya.

The old town of Antalya

• You can also pass and take pictures of the historic city gate, “Hadrian’s Gate”, which is famous for its Romen architecture and splendor of its architecture.

The streets of the city of Kaleici Antalya

Hotels near Antalya Kaleici

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The site of the city of Kaleici Antalya

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