The advantages of tourism in Egypt, tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt has many attractions, which makes it always in the forefront for all tourists in the world. This is in addition to the level of services provided to visitors from all Arab and Western countries. This is what we will get to know by reviewing the most important advantages enjoyed by tourism in Egypt in the article of Arab travelers.

The advantages of tourism in Egypt

  • The most important features emerge through what Egypt provides in terms of types of tourism, and services related to these types, in addition to the distinguished Egyptian weather as having a specific division throughout the year, and it is considered one of the most important indicators for different types of tourism.

Types of tourism in Egypt

  • Egypt has a geographical and climatic diversity, which in turn has affected the diversity of the tourist purpose that tourists from all parts of the earth seek to visit Egypt. And accordingly, The most prominent types of tourism in Egypt are:

Recreational tourism

Which means the tourists to the provinces and regions that enjoy the beauty of nature, and the possibility of practicing various activities in the natural landscape such as the governorates of the White and Mediterranean Bahrain, as well as the cities of the Nile Sea.

Medical Tourism

It seeks tourists to receive physical therapy and hospitalization from Laayoune, baths, sand and all that is prescribed to get rid of skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, etc., which is what they mean with the oases as Siwa Oasis, as well as the Sinai, Wadi Natrun, Helwan, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Hurghada and Fayoum.

Cultural tourism

And in it tourists come for research purposes, related to monuments, which spread in all parts of the Republic from Alexandria to Aswan.

Sports tourism

It is that tourists come to attend the most prominent sporting events in football, basketball, handball, squash and bowling, athletics, as well as running marathons, among others.

Festival tourism

It is considered one of the most powerful types of tourism, as it transmits the most important events of the largest marketing, cultural and artistic events, as well as the most important celebrations that take Egypt as a key country for the establishment of the event, such as celebrating the sun perpendicular at Abu Simble Temple, the Cairo International Film Festival, and the International Fishing Festival in Port Said.

Conference tourism

In the shadow of it many conferences are held in the fields of politics, medicine, economics and culture in the various governorates of the Republic, in addition to exhibitions such as the Alexandria International Book Fair.


It is where tourists go to nature reserves, and wild places, such as the Ras Mohamed Reserve, the Taba Reserve, and the Abu Gallum Reserve in Dahab.

Religious tourism

In it, tourists seek to visit the mosques, churches, and monasteries in Egypt for the purpose of worship, as well as see the great architectural designs contained in these holy places such as the Monastery of St. Catherine, the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, and the hanging church.

The importance of tourism in Egypt

  • The first indicators of the importance of tourism in Egypt show that it has acquired a good reputation worldwide, due to the diversity of its tourism purposes.
  • This is in addition to the fact that the tourism movement in Egypt, in turn, enriches the cultural movement, through the particiAl Bahahn of foreigners, Arab expatriates and neighboring countries in various artistic, cultural and recreational activities.
  • Also, the importance of tourism in Egypt is what supports the Egyptian economy, because tourism is the source of financial dealings in hard currency, and for this it is the most powerful source of national income.
  • Tourist arrival movements strongly help in festive seasons and occasions, as well as during the different seasons of the year, enrich the business of the tourism sector in Egypt, thus providing many job opportunities with strong salaries.
  • The enrichment of tourism in Egypt also helps in diligent development of tourism facilities and services in various tourist places, according to international standards, which are subject to change from time to time.
  • Tourism increases the interest of the concerned authorities in providing all necessary reception assets, and in providing convenience and security through that agreement between the bodies supporting and stimulating tourism and the security sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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